Top five reasons people seek out chiropractors

people seek out chiropractors

People who encounter auto accidents, sporting accidents, heavy lifting at work, or work out too zealously encounter pain. Some Medical doctors are taught that drugs or physical therapy are the only methods of decreasing the pain from these accidents.

Some doctors understand alternative medicine and refer their patients to a chiropractor to eliminate pain and provide other services. The difference between chiropractic and physical therapy is that a doctor of chiropractic adjusts the patients’ body, whereas in physical therapy the patient is put through something more similar to a rehabilitation program. Chiropractic doesn’t take as long as physical therapy does to achieve results. 

Here are the top five reasons people seek out chiropractors.

1. Chiropractic Relieves And Eliminates Pain

Chiropractic’s focus is the spine and how that affects the rest of the body. The doctor will adjust the spine to relieve pain or fix a subluxation. When the spine is injured, the muscles tighten up to protect it, and the tendons and ligaments stretch to further protect it. When the spine is aligned, the muscles aren’t tight, the ligaments and tendons are relaxed, and pain is reduced.

A chiropractor will move your body in ways that expose the injury and its true location. They will then apply pressure to the folded parts. When he releases the pressure, the spine will have been returned to its normal position. Pain relief is normally instant for patients, and the doctor will give you exercises to strengthen the spinal muscles. He will also give you lifestyle changes ideas as well as diet suggestions to help keep the spine in peak health.

2. Chiropractic Helps You Sleep

The Harvard Medical School tells us that the consequences of not enough sleep can be deadly. Not only does lack of sleep cause confusion, fatigue, and failure to retain information, it also causes fatalities due to accidents with machinery or cars.

During sleep, the body heals itself, recharges the batteries, and prepares the bain for the next day’s information. A chiropractor aligns the neck and spine. No more headaches, low back pain, nor insomnia. The doctor will also advise patients of the right pillows, mattresses, and sleep positions that will help them attain good quality sleep.

3. A Chiropractor Helps Boost Immunity

The immune system uses the central nervous system to send messages to the brain that an intruder is in the house. The brain then returns a message to the immune system that help is on the way to relieve pain. All this happens along the central nervous system.

The spinal canal is the housing of the central nervous system. If the spine is damaged, the whole messaging system will not function properly. If the spine is kept in place and strongly supported by healthy muscles, then the immune and nervous systems are at their peak performance.

4. Chiropractic Lowers Healthcare Costs Over The Long Run

The National Institutes of Health sought out studies and reviews from private health plans and workers compensation detailing healthcare costs for spine or back pain compared to costs from chiropractic care. Of the 1,276 citations and 25 studies they compiled, the NIH noticed that chiropractic costs were lower than medical doctors’ costs.

Although each of the studies and reviews used different criteria and methodologies, the facts remain the same. Costs for treating spine and back pain were less by using chiropractic treatments than for general medical treatments.

5. It’s Natural

The pharmaceutical industry formulates 5,000 or more new chemicals every week. The side effects of these chemicals are worrying, to put it mildly. More people are turning to alternative medicine in a search for natural healing. A chiropractor can relieve pain and advise lifestyle and dietary changes in an effort to render the mind-body-spirit connection healthy. Add to this that natural healing costs less than the chemicals discussed above. Vive la naturelle!


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