Top 7 Things to do in West Hollywood that Will Make Your Trip Memorable

things to do in west hollywood
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Many of us love to travel to diverse parts of the world and along with it want to try out different things at these places. It not only kills our boredom but also fills us with a deep sense of adventure. West Hollywood, WeHo is an amazing place in Los Angeles that has for its tourists lots of amazing things to do. This wonderful exotic destination is brimmed with loads of fun activities along with its diverse culture. If you are planning a trip to West Hollywood, you have arrived at the right place as here we will give you all a quick round-up of things to do in West Hollywood.

Key Things to Do in West Hollywood that You Can’t Afford to Miss

West Hollywood, popularly known as WeHo, is a cool place located halfway between the beach and downtown. It is a fun place for locals and tourists. If you are the one who is longing for a bright destination to cover, visiting these places should be your sole dream. Once you visit this place, you will have a bucket list of endless activities to do here which will keep you captivated always. So, let’s start taking a round-up of the top 7 things to do in West Hollywood.

1. Rainbow crosswalks

You may feel surprised to know that WeHo is also known as a sanctuary city for the LBGTQ community. This amazing rainbow crosswalk is situated at an intersection of Santa Monica, and San Vicente Boulevard. This crosswalk is painted with bold rainbow strips and this is done in the support of LBGTQ community rights. So, if you are lucky enough to arrive in West Hollywood, you must visit Rainbow Crosswalks.

Rainbow crosswalks
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2. Flip a book at the Book Soup

If you are a connoisseur of books, then in this case, book soup is a cool place that you can’t afford to miss at all. This book soup has an ultimate reputation of housing more than 60000 books on different categories ranging from art, culture, music, and a lot more. This book store is not only known for curling up a book here but also is extremely famous for conducting high-profile events such as book release events by renowned authors along with celebrity meetups.

things to do in west hollywood
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3. Burst Laughter at The Comedy Store

When you are all set to visit WeHo, you can’t skip your chance of laughing, right? So, never forget to visit the comedy store as it is a great platform for emerging comedians. Founded in 1972, this comedy store is very much famous for hosting comedy shows of at least two hours of famous comedians. Once you visit this place, all you will like here is that it will make you crack ultimate jokes. It has helped many comedy stars to achieve timeless popularity in their careers such as Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and other comedians such as Johnny Carson.

 The Comedy Store
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4. Don’t miss out on visiting Rooftop

Are still thinking about what are the main things to do in West Hollywood? Visiting the rooftop is an ultimate attraction as from here you can grab the ultimate and breathtaking sights of west Hollywood. Here you can amazingly sip your cocktails and along with it happily enjoy the breathtaking views of spectacular sights. Just sip drinks at Andaz riot house, and you will have all the fun in West Hollywood.

things to do in west hollywood
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5. Go to Pacific Design Center

Still wondering what are those key things that you can do in West Hollywood. If you have an inbuilt design aesthetic, you will have to visit the pacific design centre as it is a home for more than 100 boutiques, and design centres of interior design, decor, and furniture. This design centre has multiple buildings, out of which one of the buildings is also known as blue whale just because of its relatively big size as compared to the other buildings and its blue whale-looking clad.

Pacific Design Center
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6. Find time to relax

West Hollywood has many attractions that will woo your heart, but amidst all the hustle and bustle, finding enough time to relax is one of the coolest things to do in West Hollywood. If you are looking forward to chilling, playing, and having fun and relaxing moments along with your family members, West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park are the best for this purpose.

things to do in west hollywood
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7. Go & Visit West Hollywood Library

Do you want to make yourself stand apart from others when you are planning to visit West Hollywood Library? If yes, visiting the West Hollywood library should be your ultimate attraction in this regard. It is a worth-visiting library that includes a municipal art gallery with rotating exhibitions of many popular artists such as Jean Cocteau, and Clive Baker, etc.

West Hollywood Library
Image Credit: Los Angeles Magazine

The Nutshell

Now, you may all have understood that there are a lot of amazing things to do in West Hollywood. If you are getting a chance to visit this place, you should not miss any of the above-mentioned places. You can bookmark these wonderful guides to make your trip perfectly memorable. Have a happy planning for West Hollywood and enjoy this amazing trip with your family.


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