Top 5 Ways to Overcome Nicotine Cravings (Approved By Ex-Smokers)

nicotine cravings

More than a million people each year vow to quit smoking, and do it.

But those nicotine cravings can be an enormous battle to win. So what is the best way to curb nicotine cravings and cut the smoking for good?

If you’re looking to stop smoking and maintain a healthier lifestyle, here are some tricks to help you curb those cravings.

1. Nicotine Replacement

One of the best ways to stop nicotine cravings after quitting is to have a nicotine replacement, which is usually called nicotine replacement therapy. You can ask your doctor about certain prescriptions that are available, or you can use a quick fix such as gum or sprays. (Valium) In some cases, you can use these replacements in conjunction with each other.

2. Try Vaping

Vaping is the act of using a device called a vaporizer, like the ones at, to inhale the vapor that mimics cigarettes. A cartridge that holds vapor heats the liquid which turns into vapor. You can buy different kinds of flavors of liquids that suit your likes and tastes.

Many medical professionals don’t know the long-term effects of vaping, so it might be a short-term solution to the problem of cravings.

3. Physical Activity and Mindfulness

Eating well and exercising are two main keys to healthy living. When you’re trying to quit smoking, look for foods that help with nicotine cravings like fruits and vegetables, gums and mints, and even teas.

Getting in your physical activity is equally important. Regular exercise can improve your mood and help you deal with cravings. Practicing mindfulness can help you understand when you want to give in to cravings and why, and is a great tool in staying introspective about your journey to quitting.

4. Get Support

It’s hard to quit without someone in your corner. Getting support from those who have been there can make you feel encouraged and that you’re not alone.

If you have trouble finding support, look for a support group. Support groups are great ways to share your feelings and your successes about your journey towards quitting nicotine. Quitting nicotine is much better when you know that others have been through the same thing you have.

5. Know Your Triggers

A trigger is an event or moment that causes someone to react in a way they shouldn’t. For example, if certain stressful situations may cause you to turn to smoking, you’ll want to stay away from those or learn different ways to handle your stress.

So another way to handle those cravings is to know your triggers: what made you crave the nicotine in the first place? Once you have that nailed down (and it may take some time!) you can avoid those triggers so you don’t feel inclined to use nicotine.

Stopping Those Nicotine Cravings

Nicotine cravings are real and difficult to overcome, but not impossible! With some hard work, dedication, and practical activities you can find yourself free of nicotine.

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