TOP 5 Suunto Smartwatches You Must Know About!

Suunto Smartwatches

In today’s era of revolutionary smartwatches, Suunto smartwatches is one of the most well-known companies. It offers watches with various enjoyable and practical functions, such as health monitoring, GPS, weather, offline maps, sports mode, and activity tracking–which are even more straightforward than its competitors.

And just like any watch brand, Suunto smartwatches offers a rich collection of series that may be suitable for your daily needs. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, we’ll help you go over five Suunto watch models from some of the company’s most prestigious watch collections. If you didn’t know yet, one of their most notable features is its Suunto watch compass¬†which is nifty being in a watch, compared to using the often-faulty dry needle compass. Before we start our run down, let’s talk about whether or not going for a smartwatch is the best choice for you.

Are Suunto Smartwatches for You?

Compared to quartz and mechanical watches, smartwatches are digital timekeepers that include more features that you can enjoy–especially if you have devices that belong to the same ecosystem or operating system.

For instance, if most of your devices are Google-powered, it will be nifty if your watch is Suunto because it has Wear OS, which provides features from Google. Also, smartwatches are crucial if you are conscious of your health. Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches can help you track your daily steps, heart rate, and oxygen level. Its ease of use and connectivity across your other devices would allow you to see your progress. It’s an excellent way to motivate yourself to stay fit and healthy. Most of all, smartwatches are often budget-friendly compared to other watch options.

Let’s now run down on the five Suunto watches you must buy!

1.Suunto SS050496000 ZH Slate Grey Quartz Watch

The Suunto SS050496000 ZH from the Suunto 3 series is an outstanding unisex wristwatch on the list. It has sleep tracking, 24/7 activity tracking, adaptive training advice, mobile connectivity, stress and recovery features, heart rate monitoring, and up to 30 meters of water resistance.

The beautiful digital dial is housed in a stainless steel bezel with a fiberglass case, black silicone straps specially created, and a polyamide glass cover. This quartz unisex watch is offered for a reasonable $329.

2.Suunto SS050304000 White Quartz Watch

The Suunto SS050304000 smartwatch from the Suunto 5 series has many features and long battery life. It has 50-meter water resistance, sport modes, heart rate monitoring capabilities, and fitness level tracking. This wristwatch is ideal for guys who respect a watch’s beautiful design and practical qualities.

This men’s watch has a digital dial linked to a 46 mm fiberglass shell with reinforced polycarbonate, white silicone straps, and a quartz-type caliber. With $499, you can get the Suunto SS050304000 anytime!

3.Suunto SS05080000 All Black Quartz Watch

The Suunto SS05080000 from the Suunto 7 series is ideal if you want a smartwatch with an all-black appearance suited for both women and men. It has a reinforced polyamide strap with a 50 mm fiberglass shell and black silicone straps. In addition, the digital dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover.

The most appealing aspect of this watch is its versatility. It has free offline maps, heart rate monitoring, weather features, an altimeter, 50 meters of water resistance, and sports mode features like speed and distance. You can purchase the Suunto SS05080000 for $519.

4.Suunto SS050380000 White Burgundy Quartz Watch

The Suunto SS050380000 from the Suunto 7 series is another beautiful digital watch on the list. This watch has essential temperature monitoring, offline outdoor maps, and a pedometer for tracking steps. Additionally, aside from its date and time display, it also has a water resistance of 100 meters and features a quartz-type model. 

The digital dial is connected to a 50 mm round-shaped fiberglass case with reinforced polyamide and white silicone straps, making it even more stylish. This timepiece embodies the simplicity and elegance that many men want. You can have the Suunto SS050380000 for $529.

5.Suunto SS050088000 White Quartz Watch

The Suunto SS050088000 from the Suunto 9 watch line is one of the most creative watches on the list. It has a digital dial housed in a 50 mm round-shaped fiberglass case with reinforced polyamide straps and white silicone straps. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal further protects the face of this watch.

A high-quality quartz-type caliber drives this beautiful unisex watch with a 100-meter water-resistant rating. It’s ideal for both men and women since it features a basic yet excellent aesthetic design with a hint of elegance and luxury. You can purchase the Suunto 9 SS050088000 for $639.


Suunto luxury watches are the most delicate watch brand for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the great things about this watch is its versatility, as it can suit men and women. Additionally, Suunto watches are perfect for divers as most watches are highly water-resistant. So, check out Suunto by visiting today!


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