7 Tips on Choosing Necklaces for Fall Outfits

Necklaces for Fall Outfits

Are you looking to revisit your wardrobe for fall? Or are you already in the middle of building your fall wardrobe? Though the pandemic is changing the world of fashion in many ways, it doesn’t mean you should stop looking fashionable as ever.

And when it comes to staying fashionable, wearing necklaces goes a long way. But with so many kinds of necklaces to choose from, how do you pick the right ones for you? What are the key factors to consider when choosing necklaces?

Continue reading below for some tips on finding necklaces that will match your outfits this fall.

Tips on Choosing Necklaces for Fall Outfits

1. Mind Your Neckline

One of the first things to look into when choosing necklaces is your neckline. How does the neckline of your top look like? Since the necklines vary, lay out your clothes and inspect their respective necklines.

The key is to pick a necklace that will complement your top’s neckline. If you have a V-neck top, go for a shorter pendant that measures around 16” to 18”. This type of length will help imitate your top’s V-shape.

If you’re wearing a tube top or a strapless dress, a chunky necklace or choker will work best. When it comes to off-shoulder shirts, go for thick and dangly necklaces.

Additionally, make sure to measure a necklace accurately. Getting the length of necklaces right is essential.

2. Know When to Look Simple or Bold

Next, you need to know when to go simple and when to go all-out and bold. If you’re wearing a busy outfit, then a simple necklace is the way to go.

If you’re wearing a crewneck top, go for a bib necklace for that perfect complementing accessory.

Meanwhile, layering two necklaces will add visual weight to a crewneck sweater outfit. Apart from the visual weight, layering your necklaces will also create that elongating illusion to your body.

On the flip side, bold necklaces should go with your basic outfits. But remember to play with different looks.

3. Match With the Right Earrings

Wearing a good set of necklace doesn’t only match with your top. You should also consider partnering it with the perfect pair of earrings.

The key to properly matching the two is to pick which one you want to be the hero piece. It cannot be both. If you want to layer your necklaces, a pair of earrings featuring pearl studs are a great option.

Alternatively, you can wear two delicate pieces. This means neither of your necklace and earrings will be the hero piece. To pull this off, sport a pair of pearl stud earrings and match it with a layered pearl necklace.

And if you have something shiny like a silver disc necklace, a pair of large silver hoops on your ears is the perfect match.

4. Determine Your Focal Piece

Another tip for choosing necklaces is to consider what your focal piece will be. As we mentioned earlier, there is only room for one hero piece. Thus, revisit your current stash of jewelry and identify the large and bold ones.

If you are looking to sport any of them, then buy a necklace that will serve as a complementary piece. The key is to avoid wearing a bold set of earrings or a bold bracelet together with a chunky and fancy necklace.

If you wish to wear both, drop it. Instead, pick one as your standalone accessory for the day.

And if your collection features mostly smaller accessories, that’s a green light to go for those huge and chunky necklaces and pendants.

5. Gemstones Work

If you are wondering what type of stones to pick for your necklace, it is wise to go for gemstones. Even though gemstones represent birth months, it shouldn’t restrict you from wearing the ones that stand out during the fall season.

The good thing about gemstones is they make the simplest chains around your neck pop. Sapphire and its dazzling deep blue elegance will capture the attention of everyone.

If you want something that catches the light, tourmaline is a good option. Its light pink hue will shine best during the daytime. The same thing goes for the opal gemstone and its elegant white color.

Another plus in gemstones is that some of them come with different health benefits. For instance, Rose Quartz can help uplift a person’s mood, and Amethyst brings courage, peace, and strength. Aside from that, we also have the Moss Agate healing properties, which include balancing emotions and improving frequent mood swings.

Meanwhile, pearls bring positive vibes and happy feelings to the wearer. And in case you have pain, inflammation, and sleeping problems, citrine may help manage those ailments.

6. Contrast Is Key

Another factor is the ability of the necklace to create contrast in your overall look. Since your outfits will likely feature dresses in warm tones, pick a necklace that will create contrast on your brown, red, orange, and black outfits. (https://broadskypartners.com)

When sporting natural colors, a wooden necklace will create the right contrast. Not only does wood complement natural colors, but they also tend to come in chunky shapes.

Furthermore, the shape of your necklaces will also serve as your outfit’s focal point. Additionally, consider adding texture through your necklaces. Go for something bold and daring to disrupt the plain and monotonous tones of your dresses.

7. Match the Print Shapes

Last but not least, consider a necklace that matches the shape or design of your dress. But keep in mind that this trick only works if you’re wearing something that comes with a pattern. Likewise, this is applicable if your dress or shirt comes with a bold print.

Thus, if your dress comes with colorful circles, pair it with a necklace with a circular pendant.

Learn More Beyond Choosing Necklaces

Choosing necklaces to match your outfits this fall is one exciting journey. By following these tips, you can find that perfect necklace that will complete your look without going over your fall outfit budget.

But a necklace is only one of the many accessories that can help take your look to the next level. Learn more about the latest fashion trends by reading our other articles.


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