Dabbing on a Budget – Tips for Finding Cheap But Effective Rigs

Dabbing on a Budget - Tips for Finding Cheap But Effective Rigs

Dabbing has grown in popularity lately, and many options are available for those interested in trying it out. Opt for a simple, affordable dab rig that doesn’t have a lot of extra features you won’t use.

A dab rig is a specialized water pipe with a nail for vaporizing concentrates. It requires a dabber and butane torch for use.

Look for Glass Rigs

When shopping for cheap dab rigs, look for something made of Glass. Glass is more durable than silicone and will not absorb odor like bongs, making it much easier to clean. Borosilicate glass is a popular choice for dab rigs as it is heat-resistant and durable.

The size of the rig will also make a difference in how it performs. Smaller dab rigs are more portable and provide more flavor from your concentrates. Larger rigs offer more vapor but can be harder to travel with. Look for a rig with a small mouthpiece and joint, so you don’t have to breathe in too much vapor simultaneously.

You’ll also want to choose a nail that fits your budget. Many options are available, including standard dome-shaped quartz nails, adjustable and universal nails that can fit any size joint, sidearm nails that keep the heat away from your face, and atomizers that include a dab tool. These are inexpensive and allow you to enjoy your favorite dab without spending a fortune.

Look for Water Pipes

Having a dab rig is one of the essential pieces of equipment for anyone who wants to experience the full effect of a concentrate. Without a rig, you won’t be able to properly melt wax, oil, shatter, or other forms of focus for inhalation. Luckily, there are plenty of options for people who want to get into dabbing but need more money for expensive equipment.

Electric dab rigs, or E-rigs, combine classic capability with modern technology for a convenient and effective way to smoke concentrates. E-rigs use a battery, much like a vape pen, to heat the dab nail rather than requiring users to use a torch.

Other types of dab rigs include quartz bangers, which feature dome-shaped nails that can vaporize concentrates at high temperatures and are easy to clean. They are more affordable than other styles of rigs, but they offer fewer customization options. Another option is a sidearm nail, which uses strong titanium to keep the heat away from the bucket and is better for long sessions since it’s more durable than a quartz banger.

Look for Quartz Bangers

Dab or oil rigs are water pipes specializing in vaporizing cannabis concentrates. They are a little more expensive than bongs or bowls but often offer a smoother, more intense experience because of their efficient design.

When shopping for a new rig, make sure to look for a quartz banger that is capable of handling high temperatures. It is important to note that not all rigs come with a banger, so be sure to purchase one separately before you start dabbing.

This rig has a recycler and an affixed glass storage jar to take your oils with you on the go. It also features a silicon carbide bucket up to 80x more conductive, is thermal shock resistant, and won’t Chazz or crack. This is a perfect dab rig for beginners that can’t afford to invest in a more expensive setup.

Look for Torches

Dabbing is a unique way to enjoy cannabis that utilizes a dab nail (also called a banger) to heat your concentrate and produce vapor that you can inhale. The process begins by using your torch to heat the nail until it is red hot.

While you can use standard lighters in a pinch, butane torches are better suited. They generate a more accurate flame that can heat your nail quickly and evenly. They also tend to be more reliable and safe than propane, which can leak or burn out if not properly stored.

While shopping for a torch, look for one designed to be used with a dab rig. This type of torch is smaller and typically has a long nozzle that fits over the top of a dab nail. Choosing a butane torch that comes with a tamper is also a good idea, as these are essential tools for dabbing. You can even find torch models shaped like the iconic Ray Gun from Call of Duty, adding style to your dabbing setup!

Look for Glass Nails

A wide variety of dab rig types are available, each with its unique benefits and effects. The key is finding the right rig type for your needs.

The best cheap dab rigs will be easy to use, smaller in size, and feature a single perc for filtration. They will also usually have a simple design that can be easily cleaned and stored.

Banger nails quickly became a favorite among dabbers because of their intensely pure flavor and affordability. They are much easier to clean than titanium nails, which can crack and shatter when heated too quickly or if dropped.


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