Thrivers Finally Convinced Me—Here’s What I Learned From a Week on Le-Vel


Health and wellness company Le-Vel and its products have been around for a while, and you may have heard that they can help people manage their weight and be healthier. Satisfied consumers of Le-Vel’s cornerstone products—the Le-Vel Thrive daily supplements—are known as “Thrivers,” and they have a lot to say about this lifestyle plan and how it has helped them achieve their health and fitness goals.

If you want to become more healthy and fit, take a look at what I’ve learned about Le-Vel Thrive and give it a try yourself.

What Is Thrive?

You may already know that Le-Vel Thrive is a popular health and wellness brand that offers a range of products to help people live their best lives. Its most popular product lines are the Le-Vel Thrive Experience lifestyle supplements, which include variations such as Thrive Classic and Thrive Elite. Each Thrive product line is designed to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals, with some differences in specific ingredients between different regimens.

For instance, Thrive Elite includes all of the same beneficial ingredients as Thrive Classic, but Thrive Elite products also include additional ingredients that help to support healthy weight & appetite management. For example, Thrive Elite includes green coffee bean extract, which can help boost your metabolism and support healthy weight loss.

As far as I can tell, while different Thrive regimens place more emphasis on different health goals—such as managing weight and feeling stronger—each Thrive regimen can improve your overall health and wellness when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.

What Can Thrive Do For You?

Many of us make exercise goals and then struggle to follow through on our plans. Le-Vel Thrive can give you the edge that you need to actually work to achieve your goals. If you want to improve your health but find that you don’t have the energy to work out as long or as hard as you need to, Le-Vel can help.

Both Thrive Elite and Thrive Classic are simple, three-step programs that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Step 1: The Capsules

The Thrive Experience starts the moment you wake up in the morning with two Premium Lifestyle Capsules—chock-full of natural ingredients designed to boost your energy first thing in the morning. They are designed to be taken on an empty stomach and work best when you take them with a full glass of water.

Step 2: The Shake

Once you’ve swallowed your capsules, wait for 20 minutes and then drink a Thrive shake. Le-Vel provides a variety of gluten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake mixes in a variety of tasty flavors, and yes, these include Vegan options. 

These shakes can be used as meal replacements since they are packed with essential nutrients and minerals that can jumpstart your body. You may even find that you can forgo your morning cup of coffee.

Step 3: The DFT

Le-Vel’s DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, a patented system that delivers nutrients through your skin.

Specifically, the Thrive DFT plaster is designed to help you manage your appetite and provide energy throughout the day. It needs to be applied to a patch of clean skin on a leaner part of your body (I recommend your lower back or forearm). The DFT lasts for 24 hours, after which it should be replaced on a different patch of skin (rotating where you place it seems to be the most effective strategy).

When used as directed, this three-step Thrive process provides you with more energy that you can use to pursue your fitness goals, which is just the push many of us need to make the change to a more active lifestyle. In as little as one week, you can make an excellent start on incorporating regular fitness training into your schedule, while still having the physical energy and mental clarity you need for your other day-to-day responsibilities.

Interested in trying out Le-Vel Thrive for yourself? Learn more about the Thrive Experience and see how it has helped other Thrivers live healthily and well.


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