Three tips to quickly up your betting game in horse racing

Three tips to quickly up your betting game in horse racing

The UK calendar is filled with horse racing events. This not only calls for jubilant participation in terms of spectatorship, but also in the form of betting. Betting in horse racing can be as exhilarating as jockeying, only if one knows how to go about it. Here are three tips to quickly climb the ladder of the betting world.

Understanding the risks and rewards

Not all attributes are created the same, and horse racing is no different. One needs to comprehend the different types of horses racing betting’s before placing their wagers. Here are the basic types:

Win Bets:With high risks come high rewards. Win bets are mostly placed on the pretext that the punters know which horse is going to win, or can accurately estimate so. Win bets usually come at a greater pay-out, it is imperative for one to keep that in mind.

Place Bets:If one wants to play a little safer, place bets are a fair call too. Here, one needs to simply estimate whether the said horse will be either first or second, for pay-outs account for both places. While this has medium pay-outs attached  to it, the risks are less too.

Show Bets:These come in handy if one is not particularly equipped with the knowledge of estimations. Show bets simply require the punter to make a call about the winning positions, be it first, second, or third. Naturally, the pay-outs are much less compared to its counterparts.

Understanding the type of bets helps one understand and compartmentalize one’s resources accordingly. If one is fully aware of who might come first, allocating higher wagers to the win bet makes more sense, as is the case with the subsequent other bets.

Specific research is key

While this goes without saying, it also happens to be one of the most neglected ideas. Often, punters fail to realise the specifics of the apparent randomness behind placing bets.

It is imperative for the average punter to do some basic background research—essentially ‘homework’ regarding the said races and the participants.

There is also a great deal of simple cogitation attached to it too. For instance, it only makes sense to wager on thoroughbreds or Arabian breeds in case there is a flat race, while AQPS is the way to go in case of jump races.

Allocation and compartmentalisation of funds

One of the core motivations other than the sheer enjoyment of betting in horse racing, is the idea of the involvement of prize money. After all, the said aspect exists for a reason.

In this regard, having a great deal of understanding of the said funds is essential. In more technical terms, managing one’s bankroll becomes important, even before deciding which horse to lay wagers on.

While there are no specific numbersto limit oneself to, one should try to limit investing more than 3-4% from one’s affordability brackets. This would not only save a person from financial lacerations but would make one think before placing wagers anyway—thereby sharpening one’s estimation skills in the process.

It is easy to fall into the never-ending abyss of miscalculated betting. If one wants to climb the ladder instead, following pragmatic ideas in times of such randomness should be helpful. Following the aforementioned ideas should aid one in more efficient betting.


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