Three easy ways to lose weight

ways to lose weight

As per the doctor’s recommendations, not all fast ways of weight loss are harmful. You don’t have to stop eating and stay on starvation unhealthily. In fact, according to many diet plans, you may feel hungry or even insatiate. However, if you follow some good diet plans, including whole food and diets with low carbs, this feeling won’t come. So, here are the three fundamental steps to lose weight healthily and effectively. 

If you follow this plan of eating, then not only will you lose weight fast but also, 

  • help in appetite reduction 
  • rapid weight loss
  • improvement of metabolism

So, here is what your diet plan should look like. 

Refined Carbs, Go back

A diet plan following a low-carb routine is a very scientific and effective way to lose weight. Whole grains are a very good replacement for refined carbs. 

If you follow this, your appetite will reduce remarkably. In the process, your calorie intake will be low. 

If you eat complex grains, then your chances of eating higher fiber will shoot up, and eventually, you feel fulfilled after a meal. 

Thus, if your BMI or the Body Mass Index is high, whole grain is your best call because research has proven the correlation between the two. 

However, research has still not found the effect of a diet based on low carbs in the long term. So, if you decrease your calorie intake, then that is much more sustainable. 

Vegetables, fat, and protein

Your meals should have these:

  • fat source
  • protein source
  • whole grain
  • vegetables 

While losing weight, you cannot lose the required amount of protein content in your body. So, to keep a check on that, keep in mind to include protein in all of your meals.

For keeping track of what you are eating, you can use this link

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Some of the foods which contain healthy proteins are

Seafood and fish: shrimp, trout, and salmon

Proteins based on plants: tofu, tempeh, legumes, and beans

Eggs: yolk as well as egg whites

Meat: lamb, pork, chicken, and beef

These dietary proteins have many benefits-

  1. About 60 percent reduction of obsessive food craving 
  2. Fulfilling desires 
  3. the desire for night snacking gets short 

The protein requirement varies from person to person. But, generally, a male body requires around 56-91 grams, and a female body requires around 46-75 grams. 


Some vegetables on a low-carb diet plan include swiss chard, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale, tomato, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli.


There is a taboo regarding eating fats while losing weight. However, there is a distinction between bad fat and good fat. ( While you should avoid bad fat completely, but good fat is edible being on a weight loss regime. 

Avocado and olive oil are good fats while avoiding coconut oil and butter or cheese is necessary. 

Say no to a sedentary lifestyle

The nine to five jobs have sucked the marrow out of your life. As a result, our bodies cannot burn the calories that go inside. Hence, it is particularly necessary to work out. 

You can lift weights which burn a good number of calories. Along with that, you can try swimming, cycling, jogging, running or walking. 

Thus, weightlifting and cardio help in losing weight. 

Final Thoughts

If you follow these three short ways to lose weight, no one can stop you from losing weight effectively and rapidly.


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