This Is How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses

child needs glasses

Ophthalmologists have noticed that the age of children who need glasses is trending downward. Between spending time looking at a screen for school and using the computer for video games, it’s not surprising.

On the other hand, sometimes glasses are necessary to push along normal vision development in children.

Have you seen really young kids wearing glasses and thought, “How did the parents know they needed glasses?”

You know how to tell if you need glasses, but do you know how to tell if your toddler needs glasses? Keep reading to find out the signs to look for in your child.

Too Close to Objects

Have you noticed your child sitting too close to the television or holding a book or hand-held device too close to their face? This might be an indication that they suffer from myopia or nearsightedness.


Is your child or toddler squinting? They do this when they are trying to focus on or improve the clarity of an object. They may have a refractive error which happens when the shape of a person’s eye keeps light from focusing directly on the retina.


Headaches sometimes result when a person is putting extra strain on the eyes trying to focus and see objects or words better. If your child is frequently complaining of headaches, you should have his or her eyes checked.

Eye Pain/Rubbing

When eyes are strained and tired, children may complain of eye pain and may also rub their eyes. While this could also be a sign of allergies or conjunctivitis, it could be a vision problem.

Struggles with Reading

If you notice that your child is suddenly struggling with reading, losing his or her place, or skipping lines, this could be the result of farsightedness or other vision problem.


Is your child getting clumsy, bumping into things, or tripping over objects? It is quite common in children just learning to walk, but beyond that stage of life, it may be cause for concern.

If it’s more than the typical clumsiness of childhood, have their eyes checked out by their doctor.

Head Tilting

Sometimes the muscles in the eyes are out of balance which is the result of strabismus or they could have amblyopia or lazy eye. Tilting the head helps to adjust the angle and improve clarity.

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Does My Child Need Glasses?

Now that you know some of the signs that your child needs glasses, make them an appointment with a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist. Prepare them for the visit by explaining that the doctor will be looking at their eyes to help them to see better.

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