The Ultimate Hat Guide You Should Know Before Purchasing 

Ultimate Hat Guide 

 As the popularity of hats is on the rise again, people are purchasing different types of hats such as gambler, bowler, fedora, and safari as per their fashion statement. However, the main problem is that people don’t know much about hats. Even though they have to head the name, they don’t know the properties or the advantages of a specific type of hat. They also don’t know about the materials and which style would suit their lifestyle.  Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing the perfect hats. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing something inappropriate as per your fashion choice. In this ultimate hat guide, we will discuss everything about the hats. 

Things to Know Before We Begin- Ultimate Hat Guide 

In the fashion world, people always improvise their fashion style so that they can try new things. There are small differences between the fedora hats and trilby hats that are quite interchangeable due to brim size and distinctive shape. Everyone has a different opinion of fashion sense. Therefore, you should determine your preferences and choices while purchasing great American made hatsJust because one specific type of hat is popular doesn’t mean you need to wear it. Additionally, you also need to consider the relevance of the event. Some hats are great for professional or formal events whereas, some are appropriate for informal events. That being said, let’s start our guide. 

How to Find the Perfect Style and Material for the Hats?

People don’t know, but every part of the hat plays some crucial role. Whether it’s to provide shade, protect the skin from sun rays, add comfort, or simply increase the appearance of the outfit, the hat will undoubtedly improve the fashion experience of the wearer. Before you determine the specific types of hats to purchase, you should research the hats so that you can know their special features, advantages, and drawbacks. Additionally, don’t forget to focus on the material of the hat. These details will help you a lot to distinguish between different types of hats. 

Common Hat Terms

You need to know the common hat terms before purchasing the perfect hats. This is because many websites don’t offer all the details regarding hats. They just use the hat terms and the professional or experienced hat owners understand their meaning. Some common hat terms you should know of.

Stingy Brim

This term is used to describe hats that come with a too-short brim. The hats that have stingy brims cannot protect your skin from sun damage, but they will undoubtedly increase your appearance. 


One of the most common misconceptions regarding crushable hats is that they can be crushed and folded easily as they will retain their original shape easily. However, this is not correct information. When you see hats that have crushable features, it means that they are capable of withstanding more abuse. As they are not fragile, they can last for years. Keep in mind that just because the hats are not fragile doesn’t mean they cannot be damaged. Hats are not indestructible. If you don’t focus on the care and maintenance process, they will be damaged easily. 

UPF Factor

This is one of the most important terms you should know. UPF stands from the ultraviolet protection factor. Keep in mind that UPF is different from the SPF as the sun protection factor is not as effective as the UPF. To protect your skin from UV rays, the fabrics of the hats are treated with sun protection materials. As per CDC, UV radiation can also cause skin diseases. However, the UPF rating is dependent on other factors too. 

Common Materials for Hats

The materials you choose for your hats will play a massive role in the durability and longevity of the hats. If you don’t choose high-quality materials, the hats won’t last long. Therefore, you need to know the fabrics so that you can determine the perfect one. 


Cotton is one of the most popular natural fabrics in the world. Cotton is the primary material of most hats. The hats made of cotton are not only extremely durable but also crushable and packable. The cotton is softer. This is why hats made of cotton are lightweight. 

Wool Felt and Fur Felt

Felt is made by pressing and rolling wool and applying moisture. After that, manufacturers apply heat so that the fibers can interlock with each other. The wool felt is soft and highly breathable. 

The fur felt is made through the same process as the wool felt. However, they are crafted from softer and thinner materials. Most fur felts are made of beaver, rabbit, and hare pelts. 


There are different types of high-quality straws available for the hats. They vary in fineness, strength, color, and durability. Most people prefer straw hats because they are extremely effective at protecting the head during summer. The straw hats are breathable and the air circulation is high. Additionally, the straw hats are durable and cost-effective. Keep in mind that the straw hats will be damaged if used in rain. 


This is the ultimate hat guide you should keep in mind. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 


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