The three most important opioid treatment programs for those in rehab for the second time


The three most important opioid treatment programs for those in rehab for the second time

If you are going back to a rehabilitation facility for the second – or third – time, don’t worry! Many people have relapsed in their journey to become sober and create a happier and healthier version of themselves. Instead of getting discouraged and angry at yourself, try and find a reputable facility that offers the guidance and help you need to get clean and get your life back on track!

See more how attending the best rehabilitation facility can provide you with the attention, help, tools, and guidance you need to be successful in navigating your sober journey!

Important opioid treatment programs to get sober after relapsing

If you have relapsed, you might be asking yourself – will this work the second time? If it didn’t work the first time, why will it work the second or third time? However, get these thoughts out of your mind – going back to rehab takes a lot of courage and strength to not give up on yourself and your journey to become healthier!

Make sure you remember why you are attending treatment – pride yourself on making the right decision to attend an opioid treatment program, congratulate yourself on your persistence and convince yourself that YOU are worth trying again. 

Since addiction is a chronic illness, it is very common for people to relapse. Relapse is much more common than we think in life, since going to rehabilitation facilities is typically seen as a one-off experience that provides you with the cure right away. However, for some people, it can take multiple times – and that is okay! 

Accepts those who have relapsed before 

Did you know that 60% of people can relapse? When searching for the best opioid treatment programs, you need to find one that is okay with people who have been to a treatment center before and need maybe some extra attention to get sober and remain sober through their life. 

Provides extra attention

One of the best characteristics you can look for in opioid treatment programs for those who have relapsed before is some extra attention. Maybe your first treatment center did not provide individual counseling sessions or did not provide one-on-one sessions with therapists. If this is the case, make sure your next opioid treatment program provides individualized attention so you can talk through your issues in a private setting.

Individual programs

The final characteristic that is needed in successful opioid treatment programs is an individual customization of the plan for you! For example, some people would undergo a detox program before rehab, while others prefer an advanced rapid detox treatment. Since everyone is unique, so is every addiction – may you have become addicted due to childhood trauma or because your best friend was into using opioids. (ambien) Whatever the case, using a personalized plan can help identify the causes and triggers of your addiction. 


For those with substance abuse issues that have been to a rehabilitation facility in the past, you may feel like your life is never going to get back on track – however, don’t give up! Going to rehab again is not shameful or failing – in fact, 60% of people can relapse. Since relapsation rates are so high, finding the best opioid treatment programs is key to getting sober and staying sober!


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