Cum On! The Smart Man’s Guide on How to Have Better Orgasms

how to have better orgasms

Did you know that 23% of American adults haven’t had sex in the past year?

If you’re an active man, know that orgasms aren’t the same all the time. Regardless of how often you engage in lovemaking, you might experience powerful orgasms from time to time. You’re likely to crave for more.

Don’t lose hope yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to have better orgasms. Read on and learn tips about male masturbation techniques and other related topics.

1. Use Lubricants

With a good lubricant, your feeling of sex or masturbation increases a lot. This makes the experience more fantastic, leading you to have a more intense orgasm. Use oil-based lubricants since they have this silkier feeling, allowing you to get an intense, comfortable climax.

2. Use Sex Toys

Ever since the health crisis started, 26% of Americans use sex toys more often. Yes, they can help make things in the bedroom more exciting but they can also help you have better orgasms too!

If you want a reliable method of prolonging ejaculation, cock rings are the best. You’ll have a more intense sexual sensation because it lightly restricts blood flow to your penis. With this, you have a fuller, harder erection.

3. Get a Prostate Massage

The prostate is the male equivalent of the female G-Spot. When you stimulate it, you’re likely to experience a more intense orgasmic relief. Getting an orgasm from prostate stimulation is beneficial to your health since it flushes out both microbes and old cells residing in the prostate.

Are you having a hard time getting it up? If so, read more about erectile problems and how to deal with them today.

4. Restrict Yourself

Without complete control, your orgasm becomes more intense. The fact that you won’t know what happens next adds to the thrill. A good place to start is to get tied up and let your partner do all the work.

If you aren’t fond of ropes, look for some ways to introduce restraint. Get your partner on top and let them hold you down. An alternative is to introduce this restraint on your own, like putting your hands behind your back while they ride you.

5. Deprive Your Senses

Sensory deprivation is within the same vein as a restriction. Taste and smell won’t work well when introducing an element of sexual thrill. Instead, deprive yourself of sight and sound.

Without seeing what’s going on around you, the feeling of vulnerability increases. You need not have a proper blindfold. In desperate times, your partner’s hands or a T-shirt placed over your eyes make it more thrilling.

For sound deprivation, it’s better not to say a word while having sex. Whether it’s through gagging or a simple hand over the mouth, you’ll have a more pleasurable experience. Try doing it until you can hear nothing but your breathing.

Learn How to Have Better Orgasms Today!

These are ways on how to have better orgasms. If you want to know how to cum harder, these are methods you must try.

Is this guide helpful? Are you looking for even more relationship and bedroom guides to spruce up your love life?

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