The Price of Beauty: What’s the Average Cost of Botox Injections?

Botox Injections
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The anti-aging industry is worth billions of dollars. People want to erase signs of aging from their face and body and enjoy a youthful look for as long as possible.  There are many options when it comes to anti-aging products, but one popular choice is botox injections. While injections might sound like a great idea, how much are botox injections? Is the botox injection cost worth it?

If you’re ready to keep lines and wrinkles off of your face, consider learning more about the average cost of botox injections in this article! So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

What Are Botox Injections?

Botox injections are considered a form of plastic surgery. They are used to treat signs of aging like lines and wrinkles on the skin. Botox relaxes the muscles in your face that lead to lines and wrinkles.

There are several botox sites on your face such as around the eyes and forehead, jaw, neck, and chin. You can choose which areas you want to treat and which are most problematic for you. 

Besides treating aging problems, botox may also be helpful for treating migraines.

The Average Cost of Botox Injections

When it comes to the cost of botox injections, there are many facets to consider. 

First, how many injections you want, and where you want them, will contribute to the overall cost. If you want several, this will cost more and vice versa. The type of injection you receive will factor in as well. 

Generally speaking, botox injections cost about $20 per unit, but this will depend on location and the facility that has the injections. You should always receive botox injections from an experienced plastic surgeon like botox at Holcomb & Kreithen Plastic Surgery

The area of your face is also a factor in the cost and the depth of your trouble areas matters as well. If the wrinkles are deep, you’ll need more units which increases the cost. 

Overall, you may spend a couple hundred to a thousand dollars per session or area. Botox is typically considered a cosmetic procedure so most insurance companies will not cover the cost. However, if it’s for a medical need, you may want to contact your insurance company first to validate. 

How Long Does Botox Last?

The good news is you should see results from it in a matter of hours. But since you’ll be spending a bit on injections, you’re probably wondering how long it will last. 

These may last about several months to a year depending on how many units you receive and how well you care for them. Smoking, sunlight, and genetics all play a role in how long they last. 

However, you will likely need a filler when they wear off. Your plastic surgeon should encourage you to schedule your appointment before they wear off so you can maintain a smooth appearance. 

Botox Injections for You

The average cost of botox injections is more economical than other surgical procedures. A youthful appearance can be accomplished with botox without any significant downtime or invasive surgery. 

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