The Guide to All Your Options for Cachexia Treatment

cachexia treatment

You can be strong again. Anyone with cachexia knows how painful and debilitating the condition can be. But with the right cachexia treatment, you can live a fuller, more empowered life.

To discover all your options for cachexia treatment, keep reading.

Limitless Cachexia Treatment

There’s no universally accepted treatment for cachexia. There are, however, some useful courses of action to take.

One’s eating frequent, small, high-calorie meals. Ample psychosocial support is as important as nutrition. It allows you to cope with changes in body image and weight loss.

Socializing has psychosocial benefits and eating brings joy. These are more important than caloric intake.

You should have some liquid nutritional supplements. These should never replace regular meals.

Unfortunately, increasing caloric intake alone won’t reverse advanced cachexia.

Needless to say, a nutritionist is essential for anyone with cachexia. However, a nutritionist can’t guarantee weight gain or functional improvement.

Appetite stimulants can help.

Glucocorticoids stimulate the appetite. Prednisone and dexamethasone can work, but they have side effects. These include immune suppression, insulin resistance, and muscle myopathy.

Megestrol acetate is another appetite stimulant that increases weight. It’s not as beneficial for your quality of life or lean body mass.

The Treatments Don’t Stop

Another of the many forms that cachexia treatment takes is pharmacologic interventions.

The NSAID celecoxib, for example, leads to weight gain, a better quality of life, and a higher BMI. Mirtazapine, a tetracyclic antidepressant, results in an improved appetite and weight gain. You could also give an mk2866 dosage a try.

When one medicine isn’t enough, combination drug therapies step in to save the day.

A combination of megestrol acetate and the NSAID ibuprofen can cause weight gain. L-carnitine and celecoxib lead to weight gain and more physical activity.

Combination therapy is better than individual interventions at improving your appetite and performance. Drug combination therapies can also improve your quality of life, fatigue, and lean body mass.

There are even clinics that will treat your cachexia. Clinics provide nutritionists, expert clinicians, and trained nursing personnel. These clinics use prophylactic treatment to prevent weight loss and reduced caloric intake.

While the above treatments are helpful, so is a willingness to enroll in clinical trials.

From the start of your cachexia treatment, you need to undergo a systematic and careful assessment. Your assessment could lead you to a multimodal treatment, which is the least harmful intervention of them all.

Such treatment calls for what’s known as best supportive care. This care includes psychosocial support, nutritional counseling, and an exercise regimen. It also includes the treatment and assessment of nutritional impact symptoms.

Regain Your Strength

No matter how weakening and overpowering cachexia may feel, you should never lose hope. With the right cachexia treatment, there’s no reason to do so.

Treating your cachexia will strengthen you again and restore some of the joy you’ve lost while living with this condition. For more ways to bring more joy into your life, head over to the Health section of the site.


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