The best sports tech out right now

best sports tech

We’re all keen to get the most out of our fitness training, be it with the goal of becoming a marathon runner or simply the desire to meet a weight loss target. There are numerous ways in which we can get there too, although thanks to technological advancements that are changing regularly. Find about the best sports tech out right now.

As the world’s population becomes more tech-savvy, people have also turned to sports accessories and fitness gadgets to help improve their workouts and, ultimately, stay on top of their health and fitness. Gone are the days of using a phone as a gaming device while at the gym and playing creations like joker poker at SlotsHeaven in Canada while on a cycling machine, now people are using their mobile phones as fitness trackers or following fitness plans using the array of fitness apps out there, while also turning to additional accessories like FitBits to give them more up to date feedback on their fitness. Not all sports tech is worth buying, though. 

Whether you’re after some Christmas shopping inspiration for a fitness fanatic friend or you’re keen to improve your workout with the help of some modern technology, here’s a look at some of the best sports tech at the moment. 

Pulseroll Plus

Foam rollers are on-trend at the moment, although vibrating foam rollers are fairly new. Easily one of the best vibrating rollers on the market right now, the Pulseroll Plus will help relieve any soreness you experience after exercising and prevent any knotting as you roll out and stretch your muscles after your workout. A device used by many professional athletes, including the GB Boxing and British Weight Lifting teams, the Pulseroll Plus is well worth investing in. 

Freetrain V1 Vest

Popular within the running community this year, the Freetrain V1 Vest is the perfect training gadget for runners. Not only does it fit comfortably but it offers a variety of different functionalities too, from the option of keeping track of your running progress, alongside the ability to change between songs as you run and answering calls. Gone are the days of needing to use your phone as a training device; you can trust us on this one. 

Tangram skipping rope

A great exercise to do as a warm-up or warm-down, skipping is hugely popular in gyms and homes up and down the country. Technological innovation has had its way even with this traditional past time as the Tangram skipping rope keeps flying off the shelves. Featuring 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors that keep track of all of your workouts, as well as monitoring the calories you burn and the date you record, skipping has had a technological facelift with this one, that’s for sure. Make no mistake about it either; it’s another fantastic creation. 

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbits are nothing new, but the Fitbit Charge 4 with its most advanced tracker yet very much is. A swim-proof, smart looking device, the Fitbit Charge 4 is ideal for swimmers and cyclists as it prides itself on being the most accurate tracker of miles, as well as being the perfect motivation for people who need it thanks to its ability to reward you if you stay in your peak performance zones. Clever, right? 

Theragun G3 Pro

We all need a massage pre or post-workout, which is why securing the perfect home massager is a necessity for so many. The Theragun G3 Pro is exactly that thanks to its excellent power and special massage heads which are capable of reaching any aches and pains you might have. It comes with swappable batteries, too.


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