The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking Healthy Food

Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking Healthy

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking Healthy Food. Cooking has become something that more people than ever have decided to take up as a hobby. It is not just fun to try different recipes but can help save money by avoiding restaurants and also contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

The world’s ready-meal market is expected to reach around $460,000 million in 2021. Not to say all ready meals are bad but many are unbalanced and do not provide the right nutrients and even the vitamins are processed.

Cooking at home means you can decide exactly what goes into your food. This means if you want to lose weight or build muscle you can choose meals that cater to you. 

Is it difficult to cook healthy meals?

Anyone can learn to cook. You can start off learning simple recipes and work your way up. No matter how accomplished you are it doesn’t have to be difficult to cook healthy meals.

Now, even if you are an amateur when it comes to preparing meals or a complete beginner many items can help. Here are some gadgets and appliances you could get for your kitchen that will help make healthier food and You cannot avoid the best kitchen shoes before cooking to avoid slip and pain.

Steamers and baskets

A very simple way of eating healthier is to steam food. Everyone knows the importance of eating vegetables and fruit and one way to keep that veg packed with nutrients is to steam it.

You can buy an electronic steamer that will have several layers for steaming different ingredients but the cheapest way is to get a bamboo steamer. This is a basket containing different layers that simply sits over your saucepan or wok. Cheap, eco-friendly and produces healthy food easily. 

Instant Pots or pressure cookers

An Instant Pot is basically a type of pressure cooker but will contain other features like sous-vide and saute functions. This is an ideal appliance for a beginner or experienced cook as they can cook all manner of dishes in a healthy way.

Cooking a chicken stew recipe in an Instant Pot will take possibly less than a third of the time it would take cooking the traditional way. The benefit of an Instant Pot is that it cooks with steam and therefore avoids any extra and unnecessary fats and oils. Just like steaming baskets, the Instant Pot also retains vitamins and minerals but because the unit is sealed the food retains far more of these nutrients. 

Yogurt maker

It may seem like an unnecessary purchase but depending on how much you spend on Greek yogurt you could make it back quite quickly with this gadget. There are many foods to avoid if you suffer from IBS and yogurt is sometimes on these lists. Other people, however, find that yogurt helps. There are many health benefits to yogurt and the extra protein helps with skin, muscle, bones, and hair. 

Make your salad more interesting and keep fresh

There are too many salad gadgets on the market to list but if you love salad then you could certainly consider one or two items to encourage you to eat more. Salad spinners are great for washing store-bought vegetables and for removing the water, leaving crisp lettuce. It is easy to buy bagged salads but it is much better to buy your vegetables, cut, and wash them yourself.

There are many healthy ways to lose weight and including vegetables and salads in your diet will certainly not hurt. Purchasing a spiralizer or vegetable slicer can help to make your salads and veg dishes quickly. The meals made with them look great too. 

Try air frying

If you can’t imagine not having fried food sometimes then Air fryers are an appliance that lets you cook with air instead of oil, although some can be added. They produce crispy food that looks and tastes fried. The downside is that they are not as versatile as say, an Instant Pot. 

Other useful gadgets

If you like to roast and bake but don’t want the oil you can get silicone baking mats. These are inexpensive and stop vegetables and meat from sticking to the pan. Blenders and juicers let you make your smoothies and fruit drinks at home and if you want to add flavor without using sugars then buy a zester for a cheap solution. (  


There are many reasons that home cooking is healthier than buying takeaway food but it can be tempting to pick up the phone and order a pizza rather than cook a meal. With one good appliance and a couple of other gadgets, you will have far fewer excuses not to cook your own food. (Cialis) An Instant Pot, a blender, and a salad spinner allow you to make indulgent but healthy meals with fresh, crispy salad and a smoothie to wash it down with. The Instant Pot will save you electricity against other cooking appliances, the salad spinner only uses human power and if you buy a portable blender you can take it with you to work too.


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