CBD Candy and Gummies: what are they and their benefits?

CBD Candy

We’ve all gorged on loads of candy as kids. But little did we know that these sugary treats could someday be beneficial to health too. Yes, you heard us right! CBD candy and gummies are a fun and tasty way to ingest the cannabis derivative. CBD is infiltrating the health market with a variety of products showing up on supermarket aisles. From vapes to tinctures to oils to lotions and salves, the choices are plenty. CBD candy, however, has emerged as a favorite. 

This article discusses everything about CBD candy and gummies- what it is, how it works, the correct dosage and its benefits. 

What is CBD Candy? 

Much like the other CBD products, CBD candy and gummies are sweets or gummies infused with CBD. They are classed as CBD edibles. 

The cannabidiol concentrate is obtained from industrial hemp, the legally approved strain of the cannabis sativa plant. Gummies contain either isolate or full-spectrum CBD. Isolates include only CBD compounds. Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, includes other active compounds too such as THC and CBN. 

CBD candies include the extract in different concentrations. They are also made in different colors, shapes and flavours. Compared to oils and tinctures, CBD candy is the preferred option because the flavoring agents make it more palatable. It does away with the slightly bitter aftertaste of oils and tinctures and the characteristic ‘cannabis’ smell. 

Most CBD candies are designed as predose bites. For instance, gummy bears can have around 15mg or 25mg or 45mg of CBD per gummy bear. Thus, you can choose a dose depending on whether you have recently started using CBD or have been using it for a while. 

How effective are CBD candies? 

As is obvious, CBD candy is ingested orally. It passes through the digestive tract where it is broken down and metabolised. The process of digestion takes a while, and therefore it may take an hour or two after ingestion for the CBD to start working. However, given the slow release, the results also last longer. 

In addition to this, the type of CBD used also influences its effectiveness. Full-spectrum CBD candy has more benefits that isolate, because it brings in benefits of other active compounds too. The potency of the product also determines how fast your CBD candy will work. 

Will CBD candy make you high? 

Not really. CBD is non-intoxicating. To add, it may (in controlled amounts) or may not contain THC (the psychoactive compound) Therefore, it does not produce the same euphoric effects of other psychoactive drugs. 

What are the benefits of CBD candy? 

CBD in the candied form has the same benefits as oils, vapes, tinctures, salves, lotions and balms. CBD candy: 

  • Helps you relax and calms the mind. 
  • Reduces anxiety. 
  • Non-habit forming pain reliever 
  • Improves memory, focus and clarity. 
  • Helps reduce inflammation. 
  • Helps regulate the sleep cycle, thereby improving the quality of sleep. 

Buying CBD Candy 

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying CBD candy. 

  • Read the label carefully. The label lists the type of CBD used (full spectrum or isolate), the amount of CBD per serving, the THC concentration and the number of candies. 
  • Check the strength of the candy. 
  • Choose a flavour of your choice.
  • Purchase your CBD candy from a reputable brand only. 
  • Reputed brands test their products before sale. Check the third party testing reports. 
  • Industrial hemp is the only variety legalised for non-recreational uses. This is because the THC content in hemp is less than 0.3%. Ensure the CBD  product you use is legal in your state. 

Using CBD candies or gummies is the best choice not only because it is flavourful and beneficial, but also because it is easy to take. You don’t have to bother about measuring dosages or getting addicted.


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