The 5 most common pest control projects to be done in your home

pest control projects

If you notice the little sounds of feet in the wall at night, you find bugs crawling out of a hole in your wall, or you see spider webs in every corner of your house, it might be time to call pest control to figure out what’s really going on in your house. After all, you want to be comfortable and relaxed in your house – if you notice signs of vermin or insects always in your home, this can cause you to be on edge, anxious, and stressed out about living in your house. If you don’t know the types of animals and creatures that are living in your house, in your walls, or in your attic, this can cause you to worry about the hygiene and the structural integrity of your home. So what do you do next? How do you avoid these pests from taking over your life by pest control projects?

 By calling Nature’s Gate Pest control, you can avoid rats, mice, fleas, bugs, and spiders from taking over the cover of your house. Figure out the most common pest control projects that you can have done in your home to restore calmness and peacefulness to your house once more. 

5 common pest control projects that Nature’s Gate Pest control can take care of in your house!

Getting rid of rats

One of the most common pest control projects that you can call Nature’s Gate Pest control for is getting rid of rats in your home. They will typically follow a few steps to ensure they figure out where they are coming from, how many there are, and how to avoid them coming back in the future.

  • The first step of using the pest control company to get rid of rats in your home is having them figure out where they are coming from, figuring out the location of their house, and setting traps or bait to capture the vermin. By using techniques such as sanitizing the area and exclusion, Nature’s Gate Pest control can get rid of the vermin quickly and easily. Exclusion includes making it harder for rats to get into your home by selling off entrances and covering up holes in the foundation of your house. 
  • Furthermore, the pest control company will always use traps or batting techniques to get rid of rats and get them out of your house. The most effective way is that Nature’s Gate Pest control can capture rats is by using traps or using specific rat bait. Trapping has advantages over other techniques, as it can avoid using pesticides in your house that can cause damage or can be a potential hazard for children in the house. If you want to use pesticides, you can make sure that you place them in an area where children can’t find them and use child proof sealants.

Disposing of mice

The next most common pest control process is getting rid of mice in your house – consider calling Nature’s Gate Pest Control if you notice signs of mice in your home. 

  • Covering the entry points – the first step of using Nature’s Gate Pest control to get rid of mice is getting rid of the entry points in your house. These entry points can be as small as a tiny crack in the exterior of your house. The inspector will look at all holes, cracks, breaks in the foundation, dents, or weak spots in your home that can cause mice to enter. Once they find the entry point, they will use a material to cover the entry point and prevent the mice from entering your house.
  • Next, they will use mouse traps to capture the mice and then dispose of them outside of your home.
  • The next step will be to use bait stations by using poison and insecticide-laced food. Although this is more harmful to the mice than using traps, it can be the most effective way of getting rid of the mice for good. 
  • Fumigation – the last step that you can use when it comes to getting rid of mice is using fumigating tactics to get rid of colonies of mice in warehouses or bigger structures. 


The next type of pest control technique that you can use includes getting rid of fleas in your house and your yard. Call Nature’s Gate Pest control to get rid of fleas once and for good!

  • The pest control company will use a vacuum to get rid of any fleas that are clinging to your furniture, clothing items, bedding, and other materials in your house. 
  • They will use a steam cleaner on the beds and the upholstery to get rid of the tiny bugs that can be holding onto your curtains or drapes.
  • The pest control business will use chemicals, such as adulticide, to kill the adult fleas and then dispose of them outside of your house.


The next kind of pest control is getting rid of ants in your house. If you find there are trails of ants leading to and from your kitchen, this can cause unsanitary and unhygienic conditions in your home. Get rid of ants by calling Nature’s gate pest control! 

  • The pest control company will teach you how to safely and securely store your food to avoid any bugs eating into containers or boxes.
  • The pest control business will get rid of any moisture in your kitchen that is causing ants to flock to a specific area.

Bed bugs

The last type of common infestation that you may find in your home is bed bugs. The pest control company can get rid of bed bugs in your house by finding the most infested areas, such as your bedding, and contain the infestation of bed bugs by using a vacuum. They will trap the bugs and prepare the home treatment to get rid of bedbugs and clean all of your housing items.


As you can see, pest infestation is very common in all households today. By using a reputable pest control projects or company, such as Nature’s gate pest control, to identify, control, and get rid of any vermin and insects in your house, you can ensure that you are living in a safe and hygienic home. 


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