3 Unusual Techniques for Strength Training Post-Injury

Strength Training

Nobody wants to get hurt, but nagging injuries are a reality of life — especially if you train.

The beauty is that you don’t have to throw away all of your efforts, because there are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your strength training and recovery in out of the box ways. So what can you do to build your strength training efforts?

Here are some post-injury strength training points that you should know about.

3 Post-Injury Techniques for Strength Training

1. Embrace Yoga as a Total-Body Wellness Workout

Yoga works your entire body and helps you to get so much stronger. This is an excellent alternative to other types of strength training because it doesn’t hurt your muscles and joints like other forms of working out.

Practicing yoga is excellent for your body as a whole because it also makes you flexible and helps you with muscle and joint endurance.

You don’t have to worry about any expensive gym subscriptions, because there are several yoga videos that you can watch and participate in from the comfort of your home. It will allow you to build your body from the ground up and make it so that you’re less likely to get injured.

Look into other alternative therapy treatments that will help you recover following an injury. For example, you can look into acupuncture, physical therapy using blood flow restriction, deep stretching, and so much more.

2. Make Use of Kettlebells and Calisthenics

If you’re trying to build your strength following an injury, looking into kettlebells and calisthenics can also be helpful. Kettlebells help you to build strength without it being as taxing to your joints, bones, and muscles.

Calisthenics also help you to build total-body strength with less burden. You can start doing pushups, situps, burpees, and all sorts of other workouts that are gentle on your joints. These exercises will also help you to improve your range of motion and decrease inflammation.

3. Hydrate and Eat Well

It’s not just about the workouts that you do — you also have to be conscious about what you’re putting into your body. For instance, hydrating and eating well empowers your body to break down muscles and grow tissues.

When you stay hydrated, you’ll be able to synthesize protein, grow your muscles, and recover from strength training. Drinking plenty of water is also great for your brain, which keeps you calm, relaxed, and healthy as a whole.

Start eating healthy food each day that will also assist you in getting the body that you want, while also making you less injury-prone. A mixture of eating healthy foods and hydrating is perfect for your efforts.

Put Together a Post-Injury Strength Training Program

If you’re trying to heal up and get stronger post-injury, the tips above are an excellent foundation. When you follow the strategies in this article, it’ll help you get past any injury, while also building your body back stronger, healthier, and better.

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