Tasty Frozen Chicken Crock Pot Recipes to Cook from Frozen Chicken Breasts

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Chicken recipes are always popular among non-vegetarians whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, family reunion, or get-together of old friends. However, cleaning rotisserie chicken from its skin and bones is somewhat a squeamish task. The cleaning task also involves throwing away a huge amount of waste from the rotisserie chicken.

To avoid this, you should try frozen chicken crock-pot recipes. In this blog post, you will learn to prepare frozen chicken crock-pot at home followed by a few popular frozen chicken crock-pot recipes.

Basic Ingredients to Prepare Frozen Chicken Breasts in Crock Pot

Regardless of your recipe, you should arrange the following ingredients in your kitchen to prepare the frozen chicken breasts.

Frozen chicken breasts

Butter to add flavor and to make your chicken tasty and tender

Pepper and salt

Poultry seasoning

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Equipment Required for the Preparation

If you have to make a small batch of chicken, you may use 6 quarts of crock-pot. However, you need a slow cooker of 8 quarts to make chicken in a big batch.

You require a digital thermometer to check the temperature of any cooked chicken.

Preparation of Frozen Chicken Breasts in a Crock-pot

You have to add the chicken breasts, poultry seasoning, butter, pepper, and salt to your crock pot.

Cook the chicken breasts on a low or medium flame for 6 hours or on a high flame for 4 hours approximately.

You should regularly check whether the chicken shreds by a fork or not.

Make sure to cook the chicken at a minimum of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strictly avoid adding any extra liquid, as the chicken breasts release a huge amount of liquid while cooking and thawing in the crock-pot.

List of Frozen Chicken Crockpot Recipes

Cheesy and Creamy Chicken Soup

Foodies who want to enjoy winter with tasty chicken soup loaded with cheesy flavor and creams should try the cheesy and creamy chicken soup. You only need bacon, cheese, chicken, spinach, and the seasoning of the ranch. Soup-based frozen chicken crock-pot recipes work well for all who want a low carbohydrate diet or want to follow a Keto diet plan.

Chicken Noodles Soup

Whether you have to prepare something for a sick person or to have light food for the day, you may cook chicken noodles soup by using frozen chicken breasts.

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Rice and Chicken Casserole

Do you often face busy weeknights but have cravings for frozen chicken crock-pot recipes? You should try comfort and fast cooking food named rice and chicken casserole. As an easy casserole recipe, you need only rice, chicken, celery, and almonds to cook it. Furthermore, depending on your taste and the flavors you like, you may add seasoned breadcrumbs or cornflakes for the topping. Other toppings include potato chips, French fried onions, and Ritz crackers.

Southern Dumplings and Chicken

Chicken lovers looking for old-fashioned but comfortable food should prepare Southern dumplings and chicken. An interesting aspect of the recipe requires whole chicken to combine the broth and the meat with a few homemade dumplings.

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Chicken Taco Soup in Crock-pot

Do you want to cook some healthy chicken recipes for your fussy kids? You should try to cook chicken taco soup in a crock-pot. As one of the easy frozen chicken crock-pot recipes, a beginner may prepare it easily. You only mix each of the ingredients in a slow cooker. One can also prepare chicken taco soups by using a few leftovers and allowing them to freeze well. Everyone who loved chicken tortillas or chicken tacos will love to enjoy this delicious soup.


Overall, the reparation of frozen chicken breast in a crock-pot and mouthwatering recipes from it need only a few basic ingredients and a little effort. Therefore, get your chicken breast ready and explore your cooking skills by trying many new chicken crock-pot recipes in no time.


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