Super Bowl Halftime Show LV: Taylor Swift Favored to Perform

Super Bowl Halftime Show LV

Statistics show that last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show LV was viewed by nearly one million people.

While many tune in to football’s biggest game to watch their favorite players perform in the most important game of their career, some are surrounding the television solely to catch one of the greatest, flashiest performances of the year: The Super Bowl Halftime Show LV.

The halftime show has seen many famous artists from Michael Jackson and Gloria Estefan to Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Lady Gaga. This year, the 2020 show has it’s eyes set on country singer gone pop artist, Taylor Swift who, after releasing her surprise album Folklore, has gained plenty of attention from fans and non-fans alike.  

Although the famous singer has released eight studio albums and has a diehard fan following, she’s never taken the big stage at the halftime show. However, this year the release of Folklore has launched her to the very top of her career. With the same high odds that the Chiefs have at their own super bowl futures, Taylor Swift is the most favored pop star to perform this year in football’s biggest game. Her talent and individual “march to my own beat” rhythm gives her a definite leg up, but after the dazzling and jaw dropping performances of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in last year’s show, Swift may have some big shoes to fill if she is selected. ( with big game taking place in February, we expect to hear an announcement quite soon.

Not all singer/songwriters can say that they have had fans following them consistently for 13 years; Taylor Swift keeps her followers enchanted with each new direction she take

Swift was already expected to be chosen back in the summer, but as the game comes closer, it is even more likely that the crowd will be hearing hits from the “indie album” of her career. If selected, fans will enjoy a different type of performance by Swift, as her storytelling incorporates itself into all of her songs on this album and is a very stand-out feature of it. Likely to have a large contrast with last year’s performance, Swift will bring a unique show to the center stage not only as a solo performer, but one with a style and flair that is particular to Taylor. Her presence may also bring a younger generation to the television screen as she has a maintained a huge fan-base for over a decade with people of all ages but especially teens and young adults.

With less than four months away from one of the biggest professional sporting events of the year, people will find out soon if Swift will be gracing the stage for the very first time. After recording an entire album and releasing it as a complete surprise, who knows what we will have waiting — this entertainer sure likes to keep her fans on their toes.



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