Stunning Beaded Phone Chains to Decorate Your Phone

Beaded Phone Chains
Beaded Phone Chains

Are you fond of charms and beads of different colors and styles? If yes, we recommend you get a beaded phone chain of your choice. Luckily, you will find many beaded straps or chains for your favourite Smartphone devices online.

Roxanne Assoulin Phone Bead Strap/Chain

If you want to give OTT personal touch to your phone, you must get Roxanne Assoulin’s beaded chain. Here, the phone charm combines faux pearls and rainbow enamel beads to induce nostalgia for sprucing your tech.

Talis Chain Wristlets

Talis Chain Wristlets are also one of the mood-boosting straps. These wristlets are available as a combination of smiley faces and acrylic beads. Moreover, designers have set the beads and the faces among faux pearls to add glamour to the product. The product is 9mm wide and 35.5cm long. You may easily hang Talis Chain wristlets on your wrist to avoid all sorts of knocks, bumps, and drops.

Rainbow Chain Strap

Rainbow beaded phone chain strap comes with detail of chunky chain. Because of this, you do not have the risk to lose your bag while placing it in your bag. The strap has a whimsical design and appealing rainbow pastel shades to keep your entire day a bright one. Moreover, as designers have used acrylic beads, the chain strap is lightweight and is 25cm in length.

Skinnydip Beaded Straps

Similar to other accessories, like rings, beaded necklaces, and anklets, a beaded phone chain is a crucial accessory for everyone. Hence, Skinnydip has introduced a playful beaded charm with smiley faces, faux, and fruit pearls set across the chain.

Little Statement Rainbow Charm

You may even try the Little Statement rainbow phone charm, which closely resembles the one used by supermodels. An interesting aspect is that you may select from the ball or the cube construction type of rainbow charm. Alternatively, you may go with a combination of the two to add variation to your beaded phone strap.

Phone Charms with Vibrant and Bright Colors

Do you love vibrant and bright colors? We recommend you add a bright-colored strap to your favorite Android or iPhone. Doing so not only keeps your device close to you but also makes sure that it appears good. Furthermore, you will get charms as a set comprised of a smiley face or fruit theme. With so many options, you may present bright-colored phone charms to your loved ones or simply change the accessory game.

Beaded Phone Chains
Beaded Phone Chains

Lanyard Beaded Phone Loops

Lanyard beaded phone loops hang across your wrist to bring function and fun while checking notifications. These chains are available as a set containing five different types of color palettes. What would be better than getting a perfect charm for your outfit and coordinating your friendship group?

Phone Wristlet by XRevolve Mymymy

Whether for work or hanging out, if you have to pick up your Smartphone many times in a day, you must get a stunning phone wristlet by XRevolve Mymymy. The beaded phone chain is available with a row of classic and playful design pearls. Hence, you may easily adorn your phone around the wrist and on your hand.

Multi Beaded Phone Charm Flowers of 1m Length

Do you want to get a big smile on your face with a beaded phone chain? Try the latest multi-beaded phone charm flowers of 1-meter length. The product features a row of appealing beads, including flowers, smiley faces, hearts, and fruits. Each of these beads remains arranged in an array of bold and bright colors.

Multi Beaded Phone Charm Hearts of 1m Length

This type of beaded charm is more or less similar to the previous one. However, designers have used the combination of multiple colored heart charms with pearls.

Butterfly and Pearl Beaded Strap

If you are still searching for stylish beaded straps for your phone, you must try the combination of butterfly and pearl beaded straps. The product is 5.3 inches in length, which you may easily wear on your wrists.

Customized Beaded Charms for Phone

With the demand for personalization in almost every type of accessory today, designers have introduced customized beaded charms for your charm. Accordingly, you may look for a personalized combination of charms or beads other than protecting your phone device. An interesting aspect, in this case, is that you may add your initials, name, and others. Besides, you may change the design or color according to your taste and preferences.

Beaded Phone Chains
Beaded Phone Chains

Evil Eye Beaded Chain for Phones

Every one of us likes to include evil eye beads in our daily accessories, like bracelets, anklets, rings, wristlets, and similar others. Keeping this in mind designers have come up with evil eye beaded chains for phones. Even though it is a Y2K style beaded strap, it continues to be popular among phone users. (

Beach Shell Phone Charms

Beach shell beaded chains are one of the cutest pearl wristlets and phone charms available for your favorite Android or iPhone. The wristlet features a combination of pearl hearts, pearl shells, pearls, white clay beads, and gold hematite beads. Moreover, a prime attraction of the charm is that it allows you to add customization features to it. These include the name or initials of your choice, symbols, and many more. Other than your phone, you may add charm to your wallet, keys, and almost everything you want as well.

Beaded Chain by Lanyard

Lastly, we have a beaded phone chain by Lanyard, which works well for climbing, running, and hiking activities. The chain is the right option to avoid your device from being lost, dropped, or stolen. With the cutest accessory, you may go free of hand with the phone wristband. Other than being lightweight and strong, the mobile phone chain may withstand the gravitational pull of various devices. These include iPods, ID cards, MP3s, mobile phones, key chains, U disks, and various other items.

Beaded Phone Chains
Beaded Phone Chains


Therefore, with lively, colorful, and super funny options, phone chains with beads and charms are the best accessories for this summer based on their lightheartedness and joy. If you have until now bought the playful accessory we recommend you to get it today.


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