Study Suggests Insect Repellents Kill Coronavirus due to Citriodiol Content

Study Suggests Insect Repellents Kill Coronavirus due to Citriodiol Content

According to a group of researchers from the UK, an element called Citriodiol present in insect repellents kill coronavirus. The magic ingredient is an extract of the eucalyptus tree (scientifically called eucalyptus citriodora). Researchers are still studying the effectiveness of this element as a protection against SARS, -CoV-2.

According to the UK Defense Ministry, there are chances that the chemical in insect repellents kill coronavirus. However, scientists are still working on it to come out with a more precise conclusion. The UK researchers team from the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory is carrying out relentless investigations. They are trying to find out whether Citriodiol contains antiviral properties to combat coronavirus.

The report compiled by the UK Defense Ministry states an interesting fact about the research. It reveals that the team is considering Mosi-guard, a mosquito repellant as a sample. The product has a rich amount of Citriodiol and therefore is eligible for the examination. The latest experiment was about the application of Mosi-guard to a drop of coronavirus in liquid form. The solution was then dropped on a synthetic latex skin.

Insect repellents kill coronavirus – Fact or Myth?

It was a one-minute liquid suspension test in which the result was positive. It seems that the Mosi-guard type insect repellents may kill coronavirus. The UK team says that they hope to find other positive results if they carry on the investigation based on the same concept. In May, Ben Wallace, Defense Secretary of the UK, gave the media confirmation about the experiment. He revealed that the British army forces were applying insect repellant on a fundamental level to check its potential. Besides, the surgeon general of UK forces suggests that the application of insect repellents may kill coronavirus and that it is entirely safe on the skin.

According to the MD of Citriodiol producer Cetrifine, more research plans are lying ahead for the upcoming days. Moreover, everyone seems to be very hopeful after learning about the recent positive developments. However, we must not ignore that the researchers are saying that the investigation is still in its preliminary stages. Scientists are also hopeful that further research will form a steady idea for medicine companies. Besides, the Citriodiol ingredient is already under approval by the EPA (USA Environmental Protection Agency). Last but not least, even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the usage of repellents containing Citriodiol.


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