Spring Sportswear Trends

Spring Sportswear

With Spring just around the corner, those thick jumpers and trousers might be starting to look a little bit too heavy as the weather gradually warms up. It’s time to start lining our wardrobes with cooler clothes of Spring Sportswear, and with these Nike codes, it doesn’t have to empty your pockets either.

So, what should you be buying to stay on trend this Spring? We’ve done our research and found the most popular trends for Spring 2021, and some of them might surprise you!

Pastels are still in

Cool shades of pinks, muted nudes and dusty blues are all colours you can expect to see online this Spring. With a gentle nod to the colours of spring and the brighter sun, your outfit will complement your surroundings nicely, and best of all, these colours can be matched well with each other making your wardrobe more versatile. (Dayvigo)

Make a statement in a pastel pink utility jumpsuit, or go for comfort with some blue fleece trousers – whatever you decide, you’ll be right on-trend.

Cosy Spring Sportswear is here to stay

Cosy wear has been on trend for a while due to the pandemic as consumers reached for a comfortable alternative to their usual work gear, and that’s not about to change this spring. Nike have been ahead of the game on this one, already specialising in tracksuits and comfy trainers. However, this hasn’t stopped them from being experimental with different materials, aiming to improve each garment’s comfort.

Try out some of the fleece materials, some built for comfort and others for sports, and don’t forget to throw some jogging bottoms in your basket, too.

Retro makes a comeback

Retro clothing has been back in fashion for a few years now, which is why Nike released a line with a hint of nostalgia, a nod to its 1970’s roots. The difference between this line and the rest of its clothing is the vintage logo, which features the Nike spell out in a retro font, often in softer colours than their usual bold palette.

Grab yourself a retro-style swimming costume or a pair of Nike Blazers to fit right in with this spring trend.

Colour blocking is key of Spring Sportswear

Colour blocking is a significant new trend for 2021, with plenty of designers pairing bold colours together on the catwalk or opting for monochrome looks with similar shades of bold colours worn together in the same outfit. Achieve this look by purchasing a piece with two or three colours combined in the same garment, or choose an item with bold colours to pair with something else. (https://www.techandtrends.com/)

Nike Air Max 90 are a great example of block colours being used in one item, or opt for some colourful leggings to give your outfit a burst of energy.

Working out in warmer weather can be challenging as you fight against sweat and try to stay hydrated, but with the right sportswear, you should be able to keep cool and push yourself to your limits while looking stylish. So what are you waiting for? Time to get shopping!


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