South African wines can change your life 

South African wines

Among the most interesting phenomena which marked the last two years, inevitably characterized by the dramas of the global pandemic, there is also an accelerating effect which involved a variety of social events, from digitization to the evolution of work, from personal emancipation to the will to make radical changes. The Coronavirus, in a certain sense, has accelerated the development of social phenomena that were in an embryonic phase, or even slightly more advanced, favoring their full maturity and throwing them suddenly into a much more evolved stage of their existence. For people, this has meant a much more rapid familiarization with digital devices, with the concept of smarworking, but also with a sort of melancholic awareness of the unpredictability of life, which seems to have anchored them tenaciously to the present moment, to the here and now, to an extent that had never been seen before (and probably will not be seen again in the future). The result is there for all to see: people are much more impatient than before, they can’t wait to enjoy the few material pleasures they can get their hands on, quickly and painlessly, because the next global emergency could already be around the corner, and with it would also come the end of the precarious certainties that had been painstakingly rebuilt after the first collapse two years ago. – South African wines 

The need to have everything now – South African wines 

This inner urgency, this apparently insatiable (and impatient) state of mind, also reverberates in people’s daily attitudes, and in particular in the renewed ways in which they choose consumer goods. People want to consume them immediately, without unnecessary waiting, because they have the secret fear that in the future, in all probability, something will come along that will prevent them from enjoying them to the full, in total serenity. This applies in particular to traditional consumer goods such as food or drink, the main dispensers of which, during the hardest periods of the health emergency, were forced to close their doors for long months, and some have even closed altogether. Bars and restaurants have only recently resumed their regular activities, but the specter of a new wave of contagion looms ever more menacingly over their present and their immediate future. A possible solution to neutralize this persistent anxiety, in recent years, has been offered by the digital world, by that same digitalization that the pandemic has helped to accelerate and transform into one of the most precious allies for our material lives. In the last two years, in fact, people have been using their digital devices more and more, and their propensity to buy online has greatly increased, at a very fast rate. 

Wine lovers, for example, can take advantage of the power of digitization to order their favorite products and receive them at their home address, in a very short time and without any complication. The vastness of the web and of e-commerce will also make possible a real and proper immersion in the enogastronomical proposals of the other countries of the world, therefore increasing the knowledge about the subject and experimenting wine products of which they did not even suspect the existence.

The best wines of South Africa 

Thanks to the net, for example, it will be possible to try the fabulous wines of South Africa, whose wine production is often underestimated by western consumers. The first one we recommend you to try is the Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 – Boschendal 1685, an extremely tempting proposal characterized by a scent of black cherry, blueberry and blackberry, combining in itself the fruit savoriness and the classic robustness of Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2019 Chardonnay – Barrel Fermented Jordan also possesses unique characteristics: this South African wine is made through a peculiar process of harvesting the grapes, which are taken at different times of their ripening. 

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The post-pandemic world is even faster than before. It was the health emergency that gave a decisive acceleration to our lives, to our daily chores, to our frantic search for well-being. Those who know how to remain lucid and imperturbable, even in such a complex situation, will have already taken important steps forward in the conquest of definitive serenity. (


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