Somatic Experiencing: The Ultimate Healing for Trauma

Healing for Trauma

Trauma can be caused by various experiences, from natural disasters to assaults or accidents. It can make it hard to remember the event clearly, which compounds the emotional distress for survivors. Somatic Experiencing is a trauma counseling healing process that allows trauma to be healed holistically through the body, enabling survivors to feel safe and supported at last. Find out more about somatic experiences below for Healing for Trauma!

What is trauma anyway?

Trauma is a word that is often used in the medical field to describe an event that has caused psychological distress. Trauma can be caused by accidents, abuse, natural disasters, or witnessing violence. It may also refer to a psychological injury resulting from experiencing or witnessing frightening or disturbing events.

Types of Trauma

Acute Trauma

This is a sudden, usually unexpected event that shocks one’s system. The most common type of acute trauma is physical injury from being in danger or surviving a disaster. Acute trauma can negatively impact mental health, such as PTSD or depression.

Chronic Trauma

This occurs when an individual does not experience any significant events but continues to be exposed to stressful situations over a long period. A person can be exposed to chronic trauma in many ways, but some examples include bullying at school, relationship breakdowns, and workplace stress.

Complex Trauma

It is a type of chronic psychological injury characterized by ongoing physical and emotional pain, which interferes with functioning in everyday life. The term “complex trauma” was first introduced by Judith Herman in 1997 to describe an ongoing response to prolonged exposure to multiple stressful events

What is Somatic Experiencing?- Healing for Trauma

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma counseling means of processing the effects of trauma by engaging in physical, emotional, and cognitive activities. Trauma counseling allows the individual to gain skills for self-regulation and empathy with others and improve quality of life. The goal is not to recount traumatic events but to process the sensations created in the body and mind.

How Does Somatic Experiencing Work?

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic approach that bridges the gap between physical and emotional trauma. The focus of trauma counseling is on the body as a resource for recovery. It allows survivors of trauma to process their experience from a different perspective, where they are safe and in control. Somatic Experiencing provides a solid platform for healing traumatic memories with somatic resources instead of relying solely on talk therapy.

What Can I Expect During A SE Session?

A typical SE trauma counseling session can run from 60 minutes to a few hours in length. Sessions are conducted in a comfortable setting with a therapist experienced in Somatic Experiencing. You will be asked to lie on the floor, couch, or mat. The therapist will move with you through your sensations and help you make sense of your experiences.

Benefits of Experience SE Therapy

Research on this type of trauma counseling therapy has shown that it can positively affect not only psychological but also physical problems. When a person goes through intense stress, the body reacts with the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. All these together cause changes in brain structure and biological function, leading to depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. SE therapy is designed to help the body return to its normal state by using controlled exposure to traumatic memories, sounds, and feelings.


The more you learn about trauma counseling, the more you will realize many ways to heal. If you want to find out the best method for your situation, please read this blog and find out!


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