Using an Air Fryer to Boost an Immune System

Boost an Immune System


Throughout the last couple of years, the media has been constantly full of news about the pandemic. The importance of disinfection, masks, and other measures to avoid infection has been widely advertised. However, looking after your health and boost your immune system involves much more than just using some hand sanitizer.

One way that you can give yourself a helping hand as far as an immune system is concerned, is with your diet. Those who are more susceptible to infections need to be more concerned with their health, and diet can play a big part.

The air fryer is becoming more popular by the year and can be used as part of a balanced way of living and eating. Could you make meals in this device to boost your system, or is it better suited to French fries and chicken wings?

Why is it crucial to boost your immune system?

According to Medical News Today, anyone whose immune system is weakened is prone to suffer from infections.

Having an immune system that is weak can lead to conditions including, but not restricted to, pneumonia or bronchitis. Dermatitis is often a sign of a weakened immune system.

Of course, many people live with conditions that affect them daily. They are in a group that needs to take care of what is already a compromised immune system. This would include patients in recovery also.

What methods can boost your immune system?

Straightforward ways to boost an immune system would include stopping smoking and exercising more.

Lowering alcohol intake is a good way to help your immune system. Most people have had a hangover once in their life, and that feeling is your immune system taking a pounding.

Diet is a vital factor. Fruits, vegetables, and whole foods are necessary to keep a person healthy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with hand sanitizer to avoid infections, but what you put into your body will help greatly.

WebMD reports that blueberries are a superfood packed with antioxidants, and these are perfect for snacking, or as an ingredient in cooked food. How you prepare that food though, will determine if it is going to boost your system or just fill you up.

Can the way that you cook really help your immune system?

There are some great gadgets for cooking healthy food, and some of them are quite inexpensive. Hand blenders can be purchased cheaply and can make great soups from ingredients such as pumpkin.

Steaming is a great option for cooking healthy food. It is also a fairly simple method made easier by the use of steamer baskets, or even a purpose-built food steamer.

One of the best kitchen gadgets for cooking healthy food on the market though is the air fryer.

Anyone who has been enjoying too much-fried food would probably benefit from getting hold of one of these appliances.

The method of cooking you select will determine how many of the nutrients remain in the ingredients. It will also play a big factor in the number of calories contained in the food, and the level of fat.

What should you do to prepare better food for your immune system?

Choose options such as steaming, air frying, and boiling, for healthier food. Choose whole foods, avoid anything processed, and investigate new recipes and ingredients.

One problem in trying to always eat healthily is that it can be hard not to get bored with the same meals. There are some amazing air fryer recipes at Cooking School Dropout, and many of them are very healthy.

Search for superfoods, ingredients high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Then look for air fryer recipes that use these.

Why is cooking with an air fryer going to help?

An air fryer cooks the way the name implies. Partially. It uses extremely hot air to cook food, but it doesn’t exactly fry the ingredients. This is because no oil is involved. You can put a little oil in some recipes, but largely an air fryer cooks without it.

This means that you are lowering your fat intake just through the cooking technique. You will be taking fewer calories on board as well.

It may also be better than steaming, and certainly boiling, as far as cooking methods go. Food prepared in an air fryer is likely to contain more nutrients. All cooking methods destroy some nutrients in food, but the air fryer is sealed so more are contained. This is similar to pressure cooking where the device is air-tight.


Air fryers can make healthy food more interesting. There are tricks for cooking healthy Mexican food, and using an air fryer would be one. If you want to treat yourself to Mexican food then you can use an air fryer, and reduce the fat content.

Choosing the right ingredients is vital though. If you want to boost your immune system through your diet, then you need to seek out some recipes using the most nutrient and antioxidant-packed ingredients that you can.

Fortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of air fryer recipes on the internet.


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