The advancement in the medical sector now enables people to live a healthier and longer life and as such we now have an increasing number of seniors by the day. No matter what, there comes a time when living requires the assistance of one or more persons. Old age comes with a lot of changes that affect both the physical and mental capacity of human beings. Some signs make it clear that it is time to consider assisted living. We will take a look at some of these signs and how to handle them properly in the sections to follow and consider assisted living.

Signs That Show Assisted Living is Needed

  • Chronic Health Issues

Old age comes along with some chronic health conditions that tend to weaken the bones and immune systems. At this point, it becomes easy to fall sick occasionally and this sickness may take time to heal.

If you have loved ones or seniors who may be experiencing this, then it might be a good time to seek 24-hour care for them. There are lots of assisted living homes that can help to provide your aged ones with the required medical needs.

  • Occasional Falls

When you have your elderly family member or parent experiencing frequent and occasional falls, then you might need to provide them with the required assistance. And in this case, you would have to get a caregiver to take care of their needs. Mobility problems are peculiar in seniors and this is why they are likely to miss their steps which may result in falls on the staircase or within the home.

If you have received a call from a loved one that recently fell and couldn’t get up themselves, then it may be time to call for help. They can be moved to an assisted living facility for proper monitoring and care.

  • Aggressiveness

You may notice some seniors become aggressive as a result of dementia. This aggressiveness is a result of the negative impact the disease is having on them and not because of the way they are being taken care of.

Taking care of individuals who may be excessively aggressive verbally or physically can be something you don’t want to manage yourself. Hence, the need to seek help in an assisted living facility. You can get the help of trained professionals who can handle and manage the aggressiveness of individuals with this kind of problem.

  • Forgetfulness

When it is becoming a common happening to skip medication due to forgetfulness, then this might be a serious problem. Hence, there is a need to seek assistance for these individuals.

Once in a while, it is normal to forget to take one’s medication but it becomes an issue when it is now a normal occurrence. Knowing how important keeping to the medical regimen can be, then you might need to get help so that their state of health does not worsen.

In this case, you have to be specific in going for memory care. This you can get in an assisted living facility.

  • Difficulty in Handling Daily Life activities

It can be a daunting task to carry out certain daily routines once old age sets in. at old age certain chores like cooking, bathing, and doing some other housework can be a difficulty. Taking care of the home can be an uphill task at this stage of life.

Do not allow them to crumble under the stress of these daily activities, find a place for them where they can get the best care. They deserve to enjoy the final years of their lives.

  • Sadness and Isolation

Seniors can find it difficult to carry on with their usual social lifestyle of going out. This can cause them to become lonely, and depressed.

Once you notice any of these signs that may lead to depression, do not waste any more time getting them the help they need. Most assisted living facilities provide a means of interacting with other seniors and staff of the facility.

  • Poor Hygiene

Personal hygiene is one of the things that disappear for someone who is suffering from dementia or other old-age illnesses. They tend to deviate from the normal hygiene that can help them be in good health.

As soon as you note that, your senior cannot carry out basic hygiene routines, then it is your duty to seek help from professional caregivers.

  • Poor Eating Habits

When you notice someone can no longer cook, then their eating habit can easily be on the decline if proper care is not taken. Eating well can help in maintaining great physical and mental health.

Hence, it is important to move them to a care facility so that they can get the needed care such as nutritious meals that can meet their specific needs.

Here are some of the major things that you need to pay attention to so that you can decide whether it is time to consider assisted living.



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