Signs that Indicate You Might Be Having Diabetes

3 Reasons Why You Need To See A Podiatrist If You’re Diabetic

Diabetes is a condition in which people have high sugars in their blood. A blood sugar of more than 8mmol/Liter is evidence that your blood sugar is above normal.  Many people who acquire this condition normally have a positive family history of diabetes. Diabetes can be managed through drugs but one needs to make sure they have the best lifestyle practices. From food, drinks to take, and daily exercises, they all determine how one will live after diagnosis. Kratom alone instead of kratom and alcohol has been known to reduce sugars in blood by stimulating the breakdown of the sugars in the blood.

Going to the Bathroom More Than Normal

There is a normal or optimum time or urination a day. When it reaches a point where you have to go to the bathroom frequently, it becomes a sign to worry. During diabetes, sugars are filtered at a high rate by the kidneys and they come out with a lot of water. As a result, you end up urinating frequently making you feel thirsty and dehydrated. The moment you feel your oral cavity is dry due to frequent urination, you need to know that there is a problem. Red dragon kratom effects in breaking down the excess sugars into energy but you need to be doing physical exercises to catalyze the process.

Having an Itchy Skin

When the water in your body is completely drained, the skin becomes dry and crackles. The lack of nourishment of skin cells makes the skin to become itchy. ( As you feel the itchiness, you may start scratching yourself and this could lead to the occurrence of wounds which might be very hard to heal. Itching is also caused by nerve irritation by the sugar molecules in the blood. For that reason, you need to make sure you work on rehydrating yourself and ensuring you start on medication quickly.

The Desire to Eat More and More Always

When you have diabetes, it means the body is not utilizing the glucose. Glucose is needed by the body to fuel metabolic processes and make people function without easily getting tired. As a result, no matter how much food you have, your body still needs more food because it doesn’t get satisfied at any time. The glucose doesn’t reach the body system due to insensitivity to insulin so you end up feeling tired and fatigued all day even without doing tiresome tasks.

Frequent Yeast Infection

You might have seen that doctors apply honey to the wounds to prevent bacteria from eating the human tissue and eat the honey. People with diabetes tend to always get infections because the yeast and bacteria love the sugar making them always infect. Even with treatment, the yeast feels the sweetness and it keeps on attacking and infecting your tissues. Taking medications to reduce the level of sugars Eversense sensor is the only way to ensure you stop these infections from happening.

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Diabetes is well-manageable if detected earlier and one begins treatment early. If you wait until it becomes severe, you may end up with diabetic ketoacidosis and this will lead to hospitalization. Start and adhere to medications so that you keep the sugars at optimum levels. This is the only way to ensure you increase your chances of living a healthy life. If you start developing wounds, you need to know that the sugars have started affecting your nerves. Most diabetic wounds are necrotic and people lose sensation such that when they are touched by objects, they cannot feel anything at all. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the serious complications of diabetes.


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