5 Simple Self-Defense Tips Everyone Should Know

self-defense tips

Sometimes it feels like the world gets more dangerous by the day. Perhaps that’s why more people than ever are taking an interest in self-defense. While life is never without risk, a little self-defense know-how goes a long way and could protect you from injury or death. Here are five simple self-defense tips everyone should know.

1. Make Some Noise

Don’t let yourself die of social embarrassment.

By the time we’re adults, we’re used to the idea that shouting and screaming in public is a weird thing to do. Yet that a reluctance to do so could cost your life.

Making as much noise as possible may attract help, and it will often make an attacker second-guess themselves. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient ways to defend yourself from an attack and it requires no specialist knowledge or tools. You can also combine it with any other technique on this list.

2. Kung-Fu Fighting

Learning a martial art can equip you with a lot of excellent self-defense techniques.

While few martial arts recommend trying to engage an armed attacker, martial arts can still give you the self-defense moves you need to escape from or disable a threat. Perhaps just as important, martial arts will also equip you with the confidence to defend yourself.

3. Lethal Weapon (Or Not)

A martial art is one thing, but sometimes you can’t beat the value of a level playing field. That’s where self-defense tools come in.

A gun can make almost any attacker think twice. But even a high-quality knife (check out Tacknives USA) or another self-defense tool can repel an attacker. Often, a weapon’s psychological effect is as potent as its potential to cause injury. Attackers don’t look for a fair fight.

4. The Great Escape

It’s rare that a stand-up fight is in your interest in a self-defense situation.

Even if you have the tools and techniques to defend yourself, it’s often better to avoid the risk of injury altogether by escaping a situation. Tools should be a way to make your attacker think twice and open a window to safely disengage.

If a self-defense situation comes down to a fight to the death, you’re dealing with a coin flip. Those aren’t great odds, so escape is often the better option.

5. Stay Frosty

As in most things, prevention in self-defense is better than the cure.

Self-defense should be a constant, active process. Whenever you’re in public, you should take steps to prevent being under threat.

Stick to well-lit areas, travel with a friend, stay aware of your surroundings. These three things alone will help to keep you out of danger. A fight you don’t get into is a win.

Self-Defense Tips: The Basics Covered

These five self-defense tips are simple yet effective ways to keep yourself safe in a dangerous world. Life will always have its risks, but anything that tilts the odds in your favor increases your chances of walking away unscathed.

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