Review of the Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Best Cannabis Clubs

Have you heard of the cannabis culture of Barcelona? One of the top European cities and extremely popular with tourists from around the world, this Spanish city has emerged as one of the world’s best destinations for marijuana lovers. According to the latest estimates, there are more than 400 best cannabis clubs in Barcelona at this time, which is why the city is sometimes referred to as the “New Amsterdam”.

The Far & Wide magazine has ranked the city as the world’s 2nd best place for consuming cannabis, just after Amsterdam. You can easily get the stuff at these clubs – that’s one reason. The city also allows residents to “possess up to 40 grams of marijuana and grow two plants on your property”.

There are, of course, a few differences between Barcelona and Amsterdam. For example, in the Dutch city, you can get your marijuana at a café. ( You can easily walk up to a café and get your stuff. In Barcelona, however, you cannot just enter a club and buy your cannabis. You have to become a member first before you will be allowed entry. Membership is also strictly by invitation. But both the residents of the city and tourists can become the member of a weed club in Barcelona.

Cannabis Club ViladomatYou can get the invitation here to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona.

What is a Cannabis Club?

Also called asociaciones cannábicas or clubes cannábicos or cannabis lounge in the city, these are social organizations or community places where weed lovers and growers can come together and smoke in a safe and legal space. Many club members are growers, as the city allows the growing of cannabis in limited quantities. So you will often find many of the members also discussing the various growing techniques.


Most of these clubs and welcoming, friendly, and very laid-back places. They are like relaxed private lounges. Often, you will find live music, dancing, food, drinks, and a range of sporting activities. People come here during the daytime with their laptops to work. The cannabis culture takes over in the evening.

But, remember a few things about these clubs – 

  • The cannabis you get in these clubs is only for personal use.
  • You cannot bring your own marijuana to smoke in the club.
  • You cannot take out the weed with you as you leave the club.
  • It is illegal to sell marijuana outside.
  • Many of these clubs are non-profit organizations.

The Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Here are some of the top places where you can get weed in the city – 

Born Marijuana – In the Old Town, this club is very popular with a lot of people, mostly because of its friendly ambiance. You will find live music and a lot more. But remember, the club follows a strict dress code. For instance, you cannot wear beachwear or flip-flops to this club. The renovated interior now looks lovely, much like a lounge. Born Marijuana is also wheelchair and dog-friendly. Their weed is the finest in the city and there is also a lot of variety available. To become a member, you must be 21 years of age minimum.

Sant Antoni – Club Antoni is almost next door to the Plaza España square. Watch live soccer on the big screens, as you drink beer or play billiards. Sant Antoni has a remarkable décor. It has black metal structures, wooden countertops, and cushy sofas. The weed here includes ten types of hashish and 15 types of buds. You will find both classic and exotic products. Photography is not allowed inside.

HQ Barcelona – This is perhaps the city’s most famous club. It has a nice décor and chic furniture. The stylish atmosphere and quality products have made HQ very popular, even though it will cost you more than most other clubs. There are branded products, food, drinks, and music. The legal age for joining is 21 years.

Sant Pere – From the inside, this club looks like a tavern. You will immediately feel at home because of the friendly ambiance. There are many games here, including chess, video games, cards, Monopoly, and almost 100 slots machines. There is live music with DJ every Saturday evening and hip-hop on the other days.

Club Raval – Raval is located very close to the popular La Rambla. The club has a rustic décor. There is live music after 7 in the evening. You can also watch sports on large-screen televisions. Games include cards, chess, and monopoly. During the daytime, many come to this social club in Barcelona to work or study.

Joining a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

This is how you can become a member… 

Click the link provided above and fill out the short form. You will then receive your invitation by email. Answer the email to show your consent. Next, you will receive the name of the club, your QR code, and the club address. 

Go to the club, show your personal identification, the QR code, and pay the membership fee. You will then be registered in the club system and can enter the premises. Your club membership will be valid for a year.

Cannabis Is Still Illegal in Barcelona

Technically, cannabis is still illegal in this Spanish city. This means you cannot buy or sell weed legally. You can be charged and fined if you are seen carrying more than two grams or smoking in public. The regulators may even jail you for up to 4 years if they brand you as a “drug dealer”.

You can grow a limited quantity in your home and smoke at home. Or you can smoke in your cannabis club in Barcelona. But at the club also, you cannot buy the weed as trading is illegal. You can get it by making a small donation. The donation you make will go towards helping the members grow the weed in their homes.

Remember, you can only smoke weed legally in Barcelona in your home or in a cannabis club. Also, you have to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona before you can gain entry.


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