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Harry Edward Styles became a noted musician and goes with the screen name, Harry Styles. Harry’s parents divorced in 2001 when he was seven. After that he lived with his sister. Harry was passionate about music right from the start. White Eskimo is a band from the Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and Harry was a member. It became popular after winning the Battle of The Band’s event.

Today, we will learn about Harry’s fortune in detail and Harry Style’s net worth.

One Direction

Harry’s mother identified his talent for music and asked him to appear in “The X Factor,” the leading singing TV show in Britain. Although Styles registered, he did not get through the nominations. At this point, he met four other rejected contestants at the show. Together, they formed a team/band called as One Direction.

They registered again for the TV show, and this time they won it by taking the third prize. After this, Simon Cowell agreed to sign them under his SyCo Records and paid 2 million British Pounds as contract amount. Harry Style’s net worth began its journey from this very moment and reached to what it is now.

The members include Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. The first album from the five came in 2011 and became a sensational hit. It achieved the first place, busting global musical charts, including America. Thus, they became the first British band to accomplish such a feat in America. Tours, significant sales of merchandise, and unparalleled sales of music albums added to Harry Style’s net worth.

As a team, they became popular worldwide. One Direction dropped 4 albums in a single year and created a history in Billboard nearly after two centuries! And, every album was well-received and attained the highest position in chart busters in different countries!

The Solo Career

The group’s success came to halt in 2016, when they publicized their group’s break. But Harry continued with his music by turning into an independent artist. After creating Erskine Records, Columbia Records bought on board Harry Styles with an exclusive deal. Styles proceeded with live performances thereafter and published several albums.

In the United States, Harry, the English star became an overnight star for selling the most significant quantity of albums. Harry Style’s net worth increased massively when he turned into an independent artist. The money came from his performances, concerts, tours, and endorsements.

1D Sales

Harry Styles collected his split of group’s earning after the team began earning through shows and sales. Although the amount was less, it did not stop him from turning into a millionaire. Even after sharing the profits with team and employees, Harry Style’s net worth never dwindled. (

The Revenue

As per statistics, One Direction amassed $13.5 million by selling their digital rights alone. The revenue generated is additional to the amount they made through album sales. For instance, the group’s album, Midnight Memories, became the best seller and collected the highest profit for the team because of its sales.

Harry Style’s Net Worth and Shareholders

One Direction turned popular because of their strategy. They toured across the USA without a break. The “Where We Are” tour helped them taste their biggest tour success by earning $290.2 million in 2014. Prior to this, they raked in $114 million through their 2013’s “Take Me Home” tour. Likewise, they made a profit of $208 million through the 2015’s “On the Road Again” tour.

The profit was shared among the workers and managers. The team was big and so was the money! The golden goose was the sales of the merchandise. The strategy they adopted made them earn in millions even without any official sales figures. They sold goods to such an extent that it was easy to identify their product from afar. Additionally, “This is Us,” the group’s movie, generated a revenue of $8.9 million on the opening day!


Maximizing the earnings was possible for Harry, as he did it by endorsing several brands. Major brands included Toyota and Pepsi. However, what made him the brand as he is now GUCCI, when he became of their face. His advancement in the fashion world was pre-eminent!

Independent Artist and Career

From 2016, Harry went solo after the group took a break. He unshackled three albums, which created a splurge in the music arena. Likewise, Harry Style’s net worth added another $62 million when his first tour became a hit. Billboard statistics show that his “Love on Tour” was sold out with 719,000 tickets and a profit of $94.7 million! These additions made Harry richer by $2.25 million each day!

Acting Credits

Dunkirk was a significant hit and received appreciation from the audience and critics. Harry played a significant character in the World War II movie that collected over $500 million worldwide! Although it is not clear, rumors state that “Don’t Worry Darling” helped him pocket $2.5 million. Together with musical career, Harry Style’s net worth breached a new mark in no time.

What About Real Estate?

Harry Style’s net worth is what it is today because he made huge amounts through real estate. Yes, his real estate moonlighting was profitable, earning him millions from each sale! For instance, the $8.45 million deal in 2017 for his L.A. house and $8.7 million for NYC apartment. Reports also state that he accumulated £3, £8, and £4.175 million respectively by selling London homes.

The Life Brand

Harry quoted that he always loves to circle himself with those who inspire him always. And he looked for opportunities that helped him connect. His passion helped him create “Pleasing.” Harry started selling beauty products under the banner. He found it amazing because he thinks that such products are unique, for they make one feel good. The first product to come out was nail colors in four different colors. The inspiration behind the creation were pearls, which hold a significant place in Harry’s wardrobe.

Harry further introduced two new products called as Pleasing Pen and Pearlescent Illuminating Serum. The Pen consists of serum that one can apply for both the eyes and lips, while the Pearlescent acts as a moisturizer. Harry, who is expanding the products under the brand, brought Marco Ribeiro on-board, marking the first collaboration.

Marco is a fashion designer from Brazil and helped in creating a colorful palette of makeup range. Harry stated that he was found of Marco’s work because he loved how he used the colors, which are always inspiring. They even bought happiness.

Total Net Worth

Harry Style’s net worth exceeds $100 million as per the reports from Celebrity Net Worth. The total saw an addition of $25 million since 2019, which was the last time when we covered his earnings.


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