Reasons why Gatlinburg offers the best place to stay in the region


Gatlinburg is the ultimate alpine base town to explore the Great Smoky Mountains and indulge in Appalachian wonders. But why? Because this centrally located town is a traveler’s haven, offering everything from luxurious accommodations and food to recreation and nightlife. 

Travelers in Gatlinburg enjoy world-class comfort and convenience with top-notch amenities and an abundance of modern facilities. Considered the official gateway to the Smoky Mountains, the town is planned to offer the best of services to tourists. Whether you seek accessibility, high-speed WiFi, or multicultural cuisine, Gatlinburg satisfies discerning travelers with a vibrant hospitality sector. 

One can explore an abundance of accommodations, from luxurious boutique hotels and resorts to quaint inns and family-run B&Bs. The local transportation facilities make commuting easy for travelers and backpackers without personal vehicles. Everything is within walking distance, from hiking trails and adventure spots to restaurants, shops, and more. 

Read on to explore some compelling reasons why Gatlinburg offers the best place to stay in the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Explore Individually-Owned Vacation Rentals 

Do you want to enjoy the autonomy and independence of a home-away-from-home in a beautifully appointed alpine rental? In that case, Gatlinburg is the ultimate place to find an array of individually-owned vacation rentals. 

Vacation Rentals in Gatlinburg provide affordable lodging in the heart of Gatlinburg. Depending on their preferences, travelers can rent idyllic rustic cottages situated at the foothills of the mountains and cascading waterfalls. Vacationers can explore lavishly decorated condominiums or settle for fairytale-like cottages in the wilderness. Suppose you seek home-like independence and crave resort-like amenities. In that case, you can explore the luxurious Laurel Inn condominiums to enjoy an indulgent vacation. 

These condos are a popular choice for vacationers eager to position themselves between Gatlinburg’s vibrant downtown area and the hiking trails. These centrally located condos offer fully-equipped kitchens, tastefully designed living spaces, and sprawling balconies with panoramic alpine views. Guests have access to a heated outdoor pool, a fitness studio, and diligent housekeeping services. 

Individually-owned accommodations are ideal for large families and couples seeking independence and privacy. And Gatlinburg offers a wide variety of vacation rentals to satisfy even the most discerning travelers with exclusive luxury. 

A Plethora of Family-Friendly Accommodations 

Suppose you want to pamper yourself with courteous room service, homemade meals, and a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere. In that case, Gatlinburg will delight you with its wide variety of family-owned-and-run accommodations. The town is brimming with homely inns, historic hotels, and family-run bread-and-breakfasts featuring tasteful rooms and luxurious amenities. 

Many of these accommodations are situated downtown, while others are near the park or trails. Staying at a family-friendly inn or B&B offers the comforts of housekeeping and the opportunity to interact with locals. Many of the local inns and family-run hotels specialize in farm-to-table dining, ideal for picky eaters and families with children. 

Proximity to the National Park & Hiking Trails 

Adventurers and hiking enthusiasts flock to Gatlinburg to embark on rip-roaring adventures in the Smoky Mountains National Park. After all, this quaint mountain town is the gateway to over 520,000 acres of unfiltered wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty. 

Travelers staying in Gatlinburg can easily access the Smoky Mountains National Park using multiple entrances. They don’t have to wait for shuttle services or travel far and wide to enjoy scenic routes and viewpoints. (advvisioncenters) The town offers access to over 800+ miles of rewarding hiking trails, mountain biking routes, and wildflower meadows. 

Many of the popular trails are accessible through the backyards of popular resorts and boutique hotels in the area. You simply have to step outside to stroll deep into the wilderness and find a shortcut leading toward a majestic waterfall. Adventurers can explore beginner-friendly hikes or embark on strenuous alpine adventures, depending on their preferences and prowess. 

Gatlinburg is the ultimate base town to make the most of your time and connect with Mother Nature. The town offers a multitude of scenic picnic spots for travelers who don’t enjoy hiking and wish to enjoy the views from afar. Vacationers can divide their time between hiking trails, wildflower meadows, waterfall routes, wildlife spotting, and historical landmarks. 

Ease of Accessibility & Commuting 

Gatlinburg is a centrally-located mountain town, making it an excellent base for all kinds of adventures. Vacationers will find everything within walking distance, from hotels, museums, and cultural sites to dining spots and retail outlets. Whether you want to pack each day with hiking adventures or visit nearby towns for a well-rounded vacation, Gatlinburg maximizes ease of accessibility. 

Gatlinburg is a treasure trove of experiences, combining stunning natural beauty with modern splendors and epicurean pleasures. 

Downtown offers an action-packed area to explore local museums, markets, theatres, and world-class attractions. Some popular sites include Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, Mysterious Mansion, and Guinness World Records Museum. 

Gatlinburg is also home to the iconic skylift, allowing travelers to explore the valley with considerable ease. Travelers also have access to the 680-feet longest pedestrian-friendly suspension bridge in North America. These amenities create a travel-friendly infrastructure to enjoy a fun-packed vacation in the Great Smokies. 

Ideal for Planning Short Day Trips 

Gatlinburg is hands down the perfect base town to explore Eastern Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains. Travelers can explore many routes to make short and stress-free day trips without traveling too far out. Some popular destinations include Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Cades Cove, Clingmans Dome, Laurel Falls, and Mingo Falls. 

Nature lovers would want to explore Anakeesta, a spellbinding destination nestled 600 feet above the downtown area. Gatlinburg is ideally located to enjoy rip-roaring whitewater rafting adventures, ziplining facilities, and rock climbing spots. 

Ziplining enthusiasts can explore an abundance of companies operating in Gatlinburg. Adventurers and locals strongly recommend Climbworks, situated on the eastern end of downtown. This site is quite famous for its top-of-the-line facilities and panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Final Thoughts 

Gatlinburg is the ultimate spot for a well-rounded and unforgettable vacation, whether you seek outdoor recreation or cultural fascination. This alpine town offers a little something to delight everyone. The children can enjoy theme parks, museums, and child-friendly attractions, while adults can indulge in scrumptious food and retail therapy. 

There isn’t a dull moment in Gatlinburg, even if you decide to stay confined to the downtown area. This vibrant town has a beautiful community, and the local social calendar is packed with festivals and events.


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