R Kelly Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know

R Kelly
R Kelly

You might know that R Kelly is a popular American singer. Besides these, he is also a record producer and songwriter as well. However, R Kelly is infamous for being a sex offender. If you want to know about R Kelly net worth, you have to read this article.

There are so many things you need to know about this singer before knowing about his net worth. In this article, we will share who R Kelly is, his early life, and his career. Moreover, we will also share the net worth of this singer.

On the other hand, you will also know about some controversial topics. If you are interested in knowing about his life, we will cover everything. So, let’s get started.

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Who is R Kelly?

As we noted before, Robert Sylvester Kelly is a popular singer, songwriter, and record producer. Besides this, he has been a popular name in the hip-hop world. Moreover, he also earned a nickname called ‘the king of R&B’.

His song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ was one of the most popular songs of that time. Plus, he also won three Grammys for this song. Besides this song, some of his popular masterpieces are ‘Your Body’s Callin’, ‘Gotham City’, ‘If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time’, and ‘Bump N’ Grind’.

Due to several controversies, his career went downward. Hence, it had affected his financial life as well. Before we know about R Kelly net worth, we have to know how these things affected his journey.

Early Life

Before you know about R Kelly’s career, you have to know some details about his early life. Robert Sylvester Kelly was born in Chicago, Illinois on 8th January 1967. His mother was a school teacher. However, the identity of his father is unknown. On the other hand, Kelly has three half-siblings.

When Kelly was five years old, his mother Joanne Kelly married his step-father Lucious. At the age of eight, Kelly started singing in the church choir. However, his journey was not that smooth as an older female family member sexually abused him in childhood.

According to his autobiography Soulacoaster, he was too afraid to tell someone about these things. Moreover, an older male family friend also sexually abused him at the age of 10. Kelly also attempted suicide by shooting himself at the age of 11.

R Kelly attended Kenwood Academy in Chicago. Here, he participated in the high school’s talent show. And he also won the first prize. His music teacher Lena McLin encouraged him to leave the basketball team to focus on his music career.

However, he dropped out of Kenwood Academy after one year because of dyslexia. He also played basketball with Ben Wilson. That’s why he sang ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ at Ben Wilson’s funeral.

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In 1989, a group called MGM was formed with R Kelly and three other people. Later, they released a single called ‘Why You Wanna Play Me’ in 1990. Well, he got popular when MGM participated in a TV show. Hence, this group also won $100,000 in this TV show.

In 1991, Kelly released the debut album Born into the 90’s with Public Announcement. Hence, it’s a very important part of R Kelly net worth. Next year, they also went on a tour together.

However, Kelly debuted his solo album 12 Play on 9th November 1993. He got several hits with this album. (https://iheartrving.com/) Moreover, he also earned his first Grammy nomination for ‘You Are Not Alone’.

In 1996, he released one of the most popular songs ‘”I Believe I Can Fly’. As we noted before, this song also won three Grammy awards. He got a lot of positive responses because of this song.

Some of the popular albums of R Kelly are The Best of Both Worlds, Happy People/U Saved Me, 12 Play, Write Me Back, TP-2.com, and more. He also wrote an autobiography book called Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me in 2012.

R Kelly had a stable music career. However, he ruined it with various allegations and criminal charges. That’s the reason why he also has many financial issues right now. Make sure you read the following section to know more.

R Kelly Net Worth

Now you know about R Kelly’s early life and music career. After releasing several albums, he gained popularity. However, he ruined his music career by doing various criminal activities. There was a time when Kelly’s net worth was around $100 million. Although it’s negative $2 million at this moment.

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He earned a lot with his 14 released albums. Moreover, he also released 3 collaboration albums. However, he was arrested because of the sex scandal. Because of the legal issues, he had to pay a huge amount for the lawsuit.

On the other hand, he also lost two homes because of not paying rent and fees. Now, he is living in a rental townhouse in Chicago. Plus, he also lost a huge portion of his earnings after separating from his wife Andrea Lee.

Legal And Financial Problem

As we noted above, Kelly has to face a lot of financial problems right now. For example, he released a 19-minute song on Spotify to tell the world that he is broke. Moreover, he was desperate to go on a tour to pay his rent.

On the other hand, he also borrowed money from his record label to pay his bills. Well, his financial struggle continues as he can’t tour in many countries.


Finally, you know everything about R Kelly. We have shared all the details about R Kelly net worth. Even though he won some prestigious awards in his music career, several allegations and criminal charges destroyed his popularity.

That’s the reason why his financial life had a negative impact. If you want to know more about his life and career, you can start your research. There are many resources available on the internet.


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