Protecting Your Intellectual Property Right: How to add watermark in a PDF File?

watermark in a PDF File

The emergence of technological advancement has paved the way for easier access to information. In just one click, you can already have answers to your assignments or reference for your dissertation on PDF File. The Internet has become storage for knowledge that is accessible to the greater public. 

But just like any other thing, it also has its repercussions. Along with the benefit of easier access to information is the emergence of issues on intellectual property rights. Easier reach to other people’s work means that they can easily copy its content. Hence, there have to be safety nets applied to avoid this from happening. 

How to add a watermark to a PDF file using Gogopdf?

The process to add watermark to PDF files is nowhere near hard. It only requires little effort, and the hard work is done by the site. For the first step, after you have entered the platform, select the PDF file from your device. To make it easier, you can also drag and drop your PDF file to the conversion box, a field that you can quickly locate on the website.

As mentioned above, the platform allows you to either type a word or use an image for your watermark. For the second step, you can type the text or grab the image of your choice for your watermark. After that, adjust the position of your watermark. In adjusting, make sure that the watermark will be visible to the readers. Finally, click the “Add Watermark button.” 

After the first two steps, nothing much is required for you to do. The third step is where the magic of the platform takes place. It will process the watermark to all the pages of your pdf file. All you have to do is wait until the process is done. Just a reminder, the process might take a few minutes. 

After the wait, your watermarked PDF file is ready. There are a lot of options that Gogopdf can give you. You can download the file to your device, e-mail it to your professor or the persons you want to have a copy of the file, and you can even share it with your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

The importance of Watermarks in a PDF file

One of the most effective ways to discourage other people from copying your work is to add watermark to pdf file. The personalized element of the watermark symbolizes ownership. This reminds readers to either recognize the author and his or her work. Below is a discussion on how to add watermark to pdf files.   

Things to know in putting a watermark in a PDF file

Adding a watermark to a pdf file might be a feature that is not available to the platform you used in encoding your work. Hence, there is a need to use other platforms to serve this purpose. The Internet is an excellent avenue to search for a platform that does just that. We will suggest one platform that will aid you in putting watermarks in your pdf: Gogopdf.  

What is with Gogopdf? 

Gogopdf prides itself on a lot of features that ensure convenience, security, and quality experience. Aside from the fact that it is a platform that is one search away, the website itself is easy to navigate. It only requires you to choose text or image for your watermark and position it on your document, and the platform will do the rest for you.

It values you, the author, as the owner of the document, allowing you to give a personal touch to your watermark. You can type the words you want your watermark to display and choose colors, sizes, and fonts. You can even use images as watermarks. You can use the images from your device to personalize your watermark.  

Trust is one of the greatest values that the site puts a premium on. It is for this reason that they are fully committed to protecting the privacy of their users. The platform is designed to automatically delete the files uploaded to the server after one hour. This way, the users can assure that the site will not use their raw documents. 

Adding to its convenient feature is the fact that it does not require users to install software to add text or logo. The process is done online and can be accessed as long as you have an Internet connection. Your device’s space or memory will not be consumed even at the very least. The whole process is done on the web and saved in the Cloud.  

The watermark tool also supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is compatible with most of the used browsers and browser versions. To name a few, the site can be accessed through Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, along with other portals. For short, it is a universally available tool.  


Plagiarism and Unauthorized use of works are among the issues that come with free access to Intellectual property rights. We prevent this from continuously happening by providing caveats to their access and their extent of use of the information. Hence, there is a need to put watermark and to learn how to put it using a good platform. 


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