Predicting The Title Run In 

Title Run In 

Just a few short weeks ago it looked like once again we were going to witness the dominant Manchester City romp their way to this year’s Premier League crown. Such is the nature of this competition however, things are now wide open. After Spurs magnificently beat Manchester City at the Etihad last week, Liverpool sit 6 points behind with a game in hand, and with City still to play. The bookmakers have switched things up too and sites like have shortened Liverpool’s odds to around 10/3 given how things have changed.- Title Run In  

Things are pretty uncertain right now, and here is how we think things will go down. 

Tough April For Liverpool – Title Run In 

Many people are talking about how tough City will be as opponents and whilst they are right, the reality is that the title could be over and done with by then. Prior to that game at the beginning of April, Liverpool have to face Arsenal away and Man United at home, followed by a game against Watford who are fighting for their lives. If Liverpool drop any more than 4 points in those games, you get the sense that City will not only be up for their game, but they may in fact be out of sight. 

Squad Depth 

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Manchester City have got the better squad depth when compared to Liverpool, and this is going to play a very important role in the latter months of the season. Liverpool have however shown just how well they can cope without Salah and Mane, winning every game whilst the duo were occupied at AFCON. As the season draws on however, and the competition in the Champions League becomes fiercer, and the games in the Premier League come faster, that depth may just play a part in City romping home with the title. 

Run In 

When we look at the teams which City have to face in the next 2 months, it is clear that they are much easier challenges. Not only this, but they have to face many mid-table teams who may very well have taken their foot off the gas as the season draws to a close. No professional footballer would admit this of course, but we have seen countless times where this has proven to be the case.

Calling It 

Despite all of what we have said here, we actually have a slight feeling that it will be Liverpool who are eventually crowned champions of England. The reason for this is nothing more than the power of the fans and the sheer ability which this team has to go on unbeaten runs, picking up pace as they go. One key which the team will have is the likes of Jota and Luis Diaz, who have both been brought in to add that critical depth where it is required. 

What do you make of the season so far and who do you think will lift the trophy come May?


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