Pick A Right Exotic Pet Snake for your Family

Pet Snake for Family

Reptiles make really cool pets and snakes are some of the coolest of them all. However, when it comes to finding an appropriate family pet that can be around the kids, ‘cool’ alone won’t cut it. Here are the qualities to look for to find the right exotic pet snake for your family. 

Must-Have Qualities of a Family-Friendly Pet Snake

Snakes offer a great opportunity for kids to learn and appreciate animals in a way that’s as educational as it is fun. However, not all snakes are suitable for being kept or handled by children. These are the qualities you’ll want in a pet snake your kids can safely interact with.

Calm, Non-Aggressive Temperament

The number one concern is of course safety. The best way to ensure that children aren’t in any danger is to choose a snake with a non-aggressive disposition. Calm, docile, and tame snakes tend to be better adjusted to human contact, but also reduce the risk of any hissing, striking, or other distressing behavior. There are certain species that are inherently sweeter and more social than others like the ball python and the corn snake. However, one key way to avoid buying a sourpuss snake is to always avoid buying a wild-caught snake. Always opt for captive-bred instead. These snakes will be nicer, healthier, and happier. 

Note that children should always be monitored when handling a reptile, no matter how calm and harmless the animal may seem.

Good Size

Ever heard of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Getting the right-sized snake can make all the difference in whether it would suit your family or not. (https://iheartrving.com/) Your average snake will be between two and six feet in length. Any larger and it could be too unwieldy for little hands to hold, putting both the children and the snake in danger. A too-small snake (like the ultra-tiny Barbados thread snake) can also be tricky to handle. Unfortunately, smaller species are less sturdy and more prone to getting squished, which is no one’s idea of a good time. If you’re looking for a snake that’s in the small or mid-sized range, hognose snakes, rosy boas, and most milk snakes are perfect. 

Low Maintenance

Families are hectic, that’s a given. Wouldn’t it be great if caring for your new family pet was one aspect of life that’s easy? It’s not a pipe dream, snakes make low-maintenance pets a reality. Most adult snakes eat infrequently, only doing so every 10-14 days. Aside from that, they don’t need much else. They don’t need to go for walks or play with toys to keep from boredom. Snakes are highly independent creatures that won’t require you to constantly keep an eye on them. One of the easiest snakes to care for is the ball python. Native to the grasslands of Central Africa, they simply like their environment warm and cozy. 

Snakes make great family pets. If you are ready to get one of your own you will find the best selection of snakes for sale online at specialty pet stores like XYZReptiles where you’ll also find all the equipment you need to get started.  


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