Pets and animals

Pets and animals.
Pets and animals.

Pets and animals. Pets are great company for many people, and provide a lot of benefits. The benefits of animals can vary for every person, with some people needing a companion or needing company in later life. You should remember that pets have demands, too, and shouldn’t just be taken on without consideration.

Things to consider before getting a pet

It takes some decision-making to provide a home and care for a pet. That’s why it might be a good idea to have someone you trust advise on the type of animal you can handle before deciding which type of pet you’re going to get.

Different types of pets require different levels of care, so it’s important to decide whether your lifestyle will suit the type of pet you’re looking for. For instance, dogs need regular exercise, birds and animals smaller than cats have to be cleaned out regularly, whereas cats only need regular meals and affection from their owners. Companionship that comes with having a pet means that you’ll always have company.

Although having a friend or family member in the house would still be better than a pet, it can prove to be an excellent substitute where appropriate. Exercise is also beneficial in that if you had an animal or dog, they would appreciate more daily exercise than their owner needs because they need exercising every day as they were designed by their creator to do so.

If your dog already has health issues, there are organizations who may still help you through this but cannot do much while they are alive as humans eat them! Remember that by adopting a pet, you give them residence at an animal shelter when they

Microchip your pet

Legislation enacted in April 2016 stipulates that all dogs must be microchipped. A microchip is a tiny electronic chip that is implanted under the skin of your dog. Every chip has a unique and identifying 15-digit number which is revealed when scanned by a microchip reader.

There is a fine for any breeder who sells a puppy, outside of microchipping, without registering their dog on a compliant database to meet the legal requirement. Breeder licenses must transfer to the new owner, to ensure the new owner can legally comply with this mandate and update their information added on the database.

Where to get a pet

Newcastle hosts many pets who are looking for a new home. A few options to consider would be visiting your local animal shelter, checking the pet ads in your local paper, or visiting a pet store. There are three dog and cat shelters where you can adopt a furry friend in Newcastle city:

Help to look after your pet

There are organisations that can help by walking your dog or buyingpet food if you are house-bound. They will find your pet a new home and keep it in their care for the rest of its life if necessary.

Financial help

PDSA PetAid Hospital is a charity that helps low-income owners and caretakers who can’t afford their pets’ healthcare needs. They provide free veterinary treatments for any type of pet, with abilities to help on various procedures including treating internal and external parasites, disorientation, bites, burns and fractures. To qualify for help from the PDSA, you must live within their catchment area and be in receipt of either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit.

Dog friendly pubs, cafes and groups

There are a number of pubs and cafes that you can take your dog into. You’ll be able to find the one nearest to you on certain websites, watching for places near you or for destinations for days out. For example, check out and you’ll find 5000+ pubs sorted by location and review scores, as well as restaurants to eat at with your dog as well.

Cani-fit will help you run with your furry friend, showing off your physical mastery while still maintaining that human touch. Newcastle Gateshead Initiative has a tab on the Best Dog Friendly pubs (with a second tab including just cafes), although The Brandling Villas is listed in Newcastle Gateshead. The Cluny and The Bridge Tavern are both located in Gateshead – so try these two pubs if you’re visiting the area!

Taking your pet on holiday

If you are going on holiday in the UK and want to take your pet with you, visit the Doggie Pubs website for details of suitable pubs and accommodation. If you want to take your pet abroad, the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a system that allows dogs, cats and ferrets into EU countries without the need for quarantine. Contact the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for more information.

Lost pets

If your pet has gone missing, you should call the local Dog Warden at Newcastle City Council for assistance. This can help get your pet back the soonest possible. If you’re lucky, it’s not too late!

Reporting a stray or injured animal

If you see an animal with a wound or feel as if it’s left alone, you can walk over to your local shelter. They’ll either be re-homed or reunited with their owner. If you know the animal’s owner exists, they can also register their pet on the Newcastle City Council website.

Dog theft

With more and more dogs going missing, dog theft has reached alarming levels. Mostly, it’s purebreds and crossbreeds which are stolen – for breeding, hunting, selling-on, held as a hostage or most distressingly, for fighting dogs. However, all dogs have the potential to be vulnerable.


Volunteering is a great way to help the community and animals at the same time. If you have some time to spare, consider pet-walking for an animal shelter or animal charity near you. You could also help out by cleaning kennels, or grooming.

Dog befriending

Wag and Company are a charity that arrange dog visits with volunteers to older people who might otherwise feel lonely and isolated, disabled people or bereaved loved ones. Pets as Therapy is a registered charity that arranges visits of pets to homes, hospitals, hospices and schools for people who need comfort and companionship.



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