Pest control while you’re pregnant – How risky can it get

Pest control while pregnant

When you’re expecting your little bundle of joy, you’d wish to do everything that is possible for you to ensure that your baby is safe and born healthy. Most parents are too skeptical about the risks that they may face during the gestation period. Expectant mothers are alerted to remain aware of possible hazards like soft cheeses, sushi, and also trash boxes. Let’s see pest control while you’re pregnant-how risky can it get.

But as long as pregnancy health is concerned, did you wonder where household pest control measure methods fit in? For the exact answer, you have to consider where you are in your stage of pregnancy, the methods that are being used to eliminate them, and the type of pests you’ll encounter. Nevertheless, you should stay away from insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, and disinfectants if you’re pregnant. 

Pesticides – What are they?

Pesticides are actually chemicals that are utilized for controlling poisonous pests and destroying them. As per the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, about 1 billion tons of pesticides are used every year only in America. 

How can you be exposed to pesticides?

Usually, humans can get exposed to pesticides by either inhaling them, ingesting them through the mouth, or absorbing them via the skin. In case you consume food that has been grown with pesticides, or you drink water that contains a considerable amount of pesticides or there is the usage of pesticides in your house, you can get affected. 

When is the right time to be worried about being exposed to pesticides?

The normal pesticides used by companies like Rodent Removal Wellesley might be deemed safe when you’re pregnant. But since this is a crucial time of your life, you should be cautious about pesticide exposure. So when should you feel concerned about being exposed to pesticides?

As long as pesticide exposure is concerned, the first trimester or the first 3 months is very important. This is the time during which the nervous system of the baby develops rapidly. In fact, there are medical studies that reveal that the third to eighth week is the most decisive time during pregnancy. This is because of the neural tubes of the baby’s brain development in this span of time. The American Pregnancy Association advises you to keep a safe distance from pesticides during this period.

Infestation of pests is more alarming than pesticides

Pest infestation which includes cockroaches, mosquitoes, and fleas can also have a critical impact on you and your body. This impact is much more than being exposed to pesticides and other pest control chemicals. 

Did you know that mosquitoes carry a plethora of infections like West Nile, Zika, Chikungunya, malaria, and dengue? While the others have still not been detected in the United States, the West Nile and Zika have definitely been found in the country. In fact, the Zika virus is certainly a big concern for pregnant women as it can lead to birth defects. 

Flea infestations may occur when there are pets in the house that go out and bring back fleas unknowingly through their fur. Once the fleas reach your living room, they hide behind carpets, in bedding, on furniture, and in other areas. The itchy red bump left by a single bite of a flea is extremely irritating, let alone being harmful. 

Studies also reveal that fleas often carry the bacteria which is accountable for bubonic plague. Once you get this form of plague, the common symptoms are weakness, headache, fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes that pain occasionally. 

Hence, if you’re pregnant, try not to schedule a pest removal company during your first trimester. Even when you’ve passed the first trimester, be very careful about inhaling the chemicals and causing harm to your baby. 


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