Part Time Vs. Per Diem: Which Is Best?

Part Time Vs. Per Diem

Nurses who don’t want a full-time schedule can work as part-time or per diem nurses. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which one is better for you before applying for the job. Advantage Medical Professionals per diem nursing jobs are open for those nurses who want to work as per diem nurses. so better know part time vs. per diem: which is best?

How Much Does A Per Diem Nurse Make? Part Time Vs. Per Diem-

Per diem nurses’ hourly rates are higher than those of regular nurses. Salary is affected by several factors such as location, specialization, and experience. Some per diem nurses can get a rate of $70 t0 $100 per hour. For nurses who have specialization and experience, they can get higher pay since they have to cover more duties and responsibilities. 

How Much Does A Part-Time Nurse Make?

Part-time nurses usually get the same pay base as regular nurses’ pay. The only difference is they can earn less since their time to work is only limited. Some part-time nurses will only cover 6-hour shifts for a day or maybe less. 

How Many Shifts Is Per Diem Nursing? Part Time Vs. Per Diem-

Per diem nursing shifts are not fixed then can work for a day as the term per diem means per day or even just for a whole shift or part of a shift. They serve as an immediate replacement for nurses who are not able to report for their shift due to personal or emergency reasons. Per diem nurses are then called to cover the shifts that are vacant at that time. Then they can be dismissed anytime the nurse reports back to duty. Or in cases where they are needed, they can be extended on their given shift. 

How Many Hours Does a Part-time Nurse Work?

The part-time schedule for nurses depends on the medical facilities they are working with. A 4-hour shift or a 12-hour shift can be considered part-time. For instance, a part-time nurse can work 4 hours from Monday to Saturday or they can work three days a week at a 12-hours shift. So both situations are part-time. The arrangement will be agreeable to both parties. 

What are the Benefits of a Per Diem Nursing Job?

The number one benefit for per diem nurses is the flexibility of the schedule. They can be free if they want to and they don’t have to commit to a fixed daily schedule to work. They can even say no to assignments if they are not ready or prepared at the time they are called. Plus they can have the opportunity to earn more since they can opt to take all the per diem jobs they are offered. They can earn more since they have higher rates compared with regular part-time nurses. They may not be able to get the benefits a regular employee has but their higher rate can compensate for it. Part Time Vs. Per Diem-

What are the Benefits of Part-time Nursing Jobs?

Job stability can be one of the benefits since they may not work full-time but they are given a regular day-to-day schedule and they are considered regular employees in the medical facilities. This means they are entitled to the incentives a regular employee can have. Another benefit would be not experiencing too much burn out with a few hours shaft a day they can have time to rest to be able to be ready again for the next day. Unlike full-time workers who are exhausted due to long shifts, an 8-hour sleep is not even enough to get going again for the next day. 

So if you are still undecided on the issue of Part Time vs. per diem: which is best? Try to weigh things, you know yourself better and you know what you need best. If you want a flexible schedule then go for a per diem bit if you are more comfortable with a regular schedule then part-time can be ideal for you. Both can be a good way to determine what you really like to do with your career since both can give you time to think and get ready for a full-time shift in the future. Not having to work full time can give you time to balance your work and life balance until you will fully learn to do so. 



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