Packing a Kitchen for the Move — All You Need to Know

Packing a Kitchen

The kitchen is the most challenging room to pack when moving your household items to your new address. With all its small items, cupboards and drawers, and not to forget food, the kitchen has several items of dissimilar shapes & sizes than any other room in your house. Further, the kitchen has a majority of items that cannot be donated or given away, as most kitchen supplies and appliances would be used at your new home. You need a systematic, step-by-step approach for packing your kitchen for the move:-

Get The Packing Supplies

Before you commence packing the kitchen, gather all the necessary supplies. The supplies include strong cardboard boxes with no visible signs of damage. (Valium)  

Get some dish boxes to pack all the fragile items such as glasses and plates. These boxes present better protection for your breakables because they are made out of double-layered cardboard. 

You need a lot of packing paper to carefully pack your kitchen items. You can either order online or purchase from a local depot store. 

The bubble wrap will safeguard the fragile kitchen stuff. You can also need moving blankets for the large appliances in your kitchen, especially the dishwasher and refrigerator. Get a high-quality packing tape roll to ensure that bubble wrap, cardboard, and the packing paper remain properly sealed until you unpack. Have a black marker to label all the cardboard boxes. 

How To Pack

  • Food

In general, packing food isn’t a good idea, especially for a long distance move. Many movers and packers never advise their clients to pack perishable food items. These items during the transport can get stale, attacked by rodents and insects, and even damage your belongings because of food spills. 

Secondly, packing perishable items is an extra burden on your moving budget, you can stock groceries once you reach your new home. The bottles and canned foods are heavy, thereby increasing the overall shipping weight, and eventually moving costs. 

So, go through your kitchen supply, which includes your fridge and cupboards. Sort your food items into three main categories, one is refrigerated, frozen, and packaged foods.

Use up your food items or give them away to your neighbours and friends. You must delicately pack food items such as rice, flour & spices into high-quality plastic bags, then tape all around to prevent spills. You can do the same for jars, opened bottles, and other containers that they liquid. Pack all the non-perishable items into small moving boxes. Keep in mind some items could be heavy, so be selective.

Seal all the packed food boxes, and label them so you can mover and can handle them with extra protection. 

  • Plates

Plates along with glassware are the most fragile kitchen items that you’ll pack. Therefore, you need the packing and cushioning materials to prevent breakage during transportation. 

First, sort out all the dishes in your kitchen and decide which ones you’ll be packing. Throw away the plates that are cracked or chipped. 

Put the kitchen plates into cardboard boxes, reinforce the bottom, and bubble wrap to form a soft cushion layer. 

  • Glasses

Once you’ve packed all the plates, now it’s time to protect your glasses, so that you unpack them in one piece. 

Stained, chipped or broken glasses are not worth moving. Pad each box that is holding the crystal glasses. You do this by placing bubble wrap or crumpled paper at the bottom of the box. 

Carefully tape the box from outside to prevent any accident. 

Be extra cautious with stemware glasses as the stems are delicate and may break easily under pressure. Bubble wrap the stems for excellent protection. 

Label the glassware-filled container properly. 

  • Kitchen Appliances

The dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator are the three large household appliances found in the kitchen. If possible pack these large appliances in their original boxes, with padding overall. 

Moving these appliances with the help of a professional removalist is a great idea, as you may end up causing damage to the kitchen appliances or suffer a personal injury. Visit and request a quote.

Finally, hire reliable movers and packers to assist you with packing your kitchen for the move. Their practical industry experience would ensure that your belongings safely reach the destination. 


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