Amazing Online Tools of GogoPDF that You Need for Your Electronic Files

Online of PDF Tool

Many people utilize PDF tool format in their electronic files in this generation. Gone are the days when you deal with a stack of different folders, printed documents, forms, and other important papers on your office table. Now, everything goes digital. That’s why PDF software came into existence to significantly respond to people’s file needs. 

PDF is a portable file format that you can easily use to view electronic documents, upload online, and even share it with other devices. One good thing about PDF is that it doesn’t consume much storage of your device. That’s why many people download PDF files on their smartphones. It’ll surely give them the convenience to access whatever files they need wherever they are. 

If you deal with tons of electronic files, you’ll surely be needing a system to help you manage and organize them most effectively. The most reliable platform that you can find online is GogoPDF. It’s a website that will offer you various tools you can use for free. Read the details below to know these different online tools of GoggoPDF you’ll need for your electronic files. 

Conversion Tool

You might have experienced looking for a particular file format that you can’t find in your computer file storage or smartphone. Hence, all you need is a file conversion tool. It’s a tool that will convert your existing file to a format you need, and GogoPDF offers you this for free. 

You can find all of the tools of GogoPDF on its official website, including its file conversion tool. The tool can convert PPT to PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to PNG, and other relevant file conversions. The process is easy and will usually take a few minutes. Just give it a few clicks, and it’s done. 

Merge and Split Tools

Merge and split tools of GogoPDF are another set of tools you’ll surely need for your electronic files. If you have tons of files on your computer or smartphone, you may find it a little bit difficult to organize them effectively. Hence, GogoPDF offers you this merge tool to help you manage your files. 

The merge tool will allow you to combine multiple PDF documents into one single file. Hence, you can merge files with similar content or the same creation date and even combine those that serve the same purpose. If you save thousands of files in your file storage, it’ll indeed become hundreds and maximize your computer folder’s space. (buy modafinil reddit 2022)  

Then, after some time, if you wish to remove some documents in the merged files, you can also use the split tool of GogoPDF. The tool will allow you to take out specific documents or pages from the merge files. Hence, you’ll surely make sure that the files you have are up-to-date and accurate as to what purpose they serve. 

Protect PDF Tool

Another important tool of GogoPDF that you’ll need for your PDF files is the protect PDF tool. Your files may contain valuable and confidential information that you only want to share with selected people. 

The best solution for this is to activate a password, and you can use the protect PDF tool of GogoPDF to create one. Hence, no one can easily access and use the information on your PDF files without your permission. Don’t forget the password because you need to provide it every time you access the PDF documents. 

Repair PDF Tool

If you have damaged PDF files in your computer file storage, you can use the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF for free. It’s a tool that will fix your corrupted PDF documents to make them usable again for whatever task the files may help you. 

However, some files may be impossible to recover due to massive damage, or a computer virus might have entirely corrupted it. However, for some files that can still be fixed, you can still expect a complete or partial file recovery. 


The online tools discussed above are only a few of those you can find on the official website of GogoPDF. If you haven’t tried any of these, it’s time for you to explore some and enjoy what else GogoPDF can offer to your PDF files



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