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Kabbaddi on parimatch.in is a fairly popular sports discipline in India, which is in demand among the inhabitants of the country on a par with cricket. This sport has an army of millions of fans who can watch kabbaddi matches in any corner of the country.

Let’s talk about the main

Kabbaddi is a team game that has been popular in Asia since ancient times. The first international match in this sport discipline was held in Dhaka in 1985. 1990 was a significant year for kabbaddi. This year, this sport was included in the program of the Asian Games.

Consider the rules of the game. In kabbaddi, 2 teams of 12 players each compete. Opponents occupy opposite sides of the field, which is divided by a dividing line into 2 equal parts. In order for the match to start, one of the teams must send an invader who must run across to the other team’s half of the field. During this, the player must constantly shout “Kabaddi!”. During this time, he must touch at least one of the opponent’s players and return to his part of the field.

In order to gain the upper hand, the opposing team must force the infiltrated “invader” to touch the ground or stop shouting “Kabbaddi!”. If the invader managed to return to his part of the field, the player of the opposite team, whom he touched, will have to leave the playing court. The match will be over when one of the teams loses all of its players.

Despite the popularity of kabbaddi, not all bookmakers have this sports discipline in their line. But on the Parimatch site, all fans of Indian Kabbadi can place bets, have fun and get a decent win.


The size of the odds for certain bets demonstrates the likelihood of events. That is, the coefficient is the ratio between the amounts of bets placed by both parties based on the expected probability.

Having correctly studied the odds for a particular event, the player will be able to predict the outcome of the game and determine the team that has more chances of winning.

Cabbaddi betting line on Parimatch

In order to save your money and get a decent win, you need to take a responsible approach to the process of choosing a profitable type of bet. Parimatch is a reputable bookmaker that has the most extensive and diverse kabbaddi betting market compared to:

  • 3 way betting;
  • double chance;
  • total;
  • handicap;
  • Odd/Even.

Recommendations for beginners

If you are just starting your gaming journey and do not know how to properly manage bets, it is better to study tips on developing a profitable strategy. Parimatch experts note the following recommendations for Cabbaddi online betting:

  • Carefully read all the nuances of this sport discipline. It seems to some that sports betting is a simple and primitive activity. But this is absolutely not true. It is unlikely that someone will be able to immediately receive big winnings without learning the basics of the chosen sport. Familiarize yourself with the available information about top teams, carefully study the rules of sports discipline. Information awareness will significantly improve your position.
  • Stay within your budget. The main thing in gambling and sports betting is self-discipline and control. Players can get carried away and lose their heads, thereby losing large sums of money. Therefore, it is very important to set your budget on a daily basis and stick to it without going beyond it. This should be an amount that you can easily lose. Then failure will not be so significant for you.
  • Up-to-date information about injured players. In order to increase your chances of winning, you need to regularly study up-to-date information about the preparation of teams, the physical condition of the players, the statistics of victories and defeats of clubs, and so on.
  • Be vigilant. To make sports betting a pleasant pastime, and not a series of disappointments, cooperate only with licensed and reliable bookmakers. In order to protect yourself from scammers, do not go to illegal dubious sites.


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