Oily Skin: 5 Treatments, Causes, And Prevention


Do you have an oily skin type? Then you’re probably tired of dealing with face shine, blackheads, and acne, as they’re common for those who have oily skin. So if you’re in that group, then you’re aware of how challenging it is to find appropriate treatments that actually work. But, in case you’re looking to turn over a new leaf, then this text is for you. So read on to learn the causes, treatments, and prevention for oily skin. 

1. Cleanse your face twice a day 

Cleansing is crucial if you have oily skin. Washing your face twice a day (AM and PM) is a great solution as it rids the skin of oil, dirt, and impurities that clog the pores and cause breakouts. Foaming cleansers are a great solution, however, be sure to find those that are free of harsh ingredients such as SLS and SLES. And if you’re also dealing with body breakouts, then be sure to wash your body too, especially after a sweaty workout. Sweat can irritate the skin and cause pimples and acne. Also, be sure to avoid over-cleansing, as it can further irritate the skin. 

2. Use a toner 

Toner is an optional step in a skincare routine, meaning you’re not required to use it. However, if you’re struggling with oily skin, then using an astringent (toner) might be of great help. Astringents are used to balance the skin PH levels, while also removing excess dirt and oils that couldn’t be removed with a cleanser. The application is very simple: just use a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face and neck area, right after cleansing. Just make sure to pick a toner that is free of alcohol, because using products that contain alcohol can cause additional skin problems. After toning, it’s crucial to use a moisturizer aimed at oily skin types. 

3. Find the best products 

Not all skincare products are made equal, which is why it’s important to find those that work for you and your skin type. In the case of oily skin, that’s even more necessary, since those targeted products such as salicylic acid or niacinamide treat the skin from within, by decreasing the appearance of pores and reducing sebum. But, finding a perfect brand can be tricky, and in that case, feel free to get inspired by the Asian skincare industry. Their products use the latest formulations and best ingredients, so feel free to find the best Korean serum for oily skin, as that will likely solve a lot of your skincare issues. Finding the most suitable products might take time, so don’t give up too soon. 

4. Eat a healthy diet 

A healthy diet can have tremendous effects on your skin’s wellbeing, especially if you’re dealing with acne and other imperfections. In that case, it’s important to avoid or reduce the consumption of foods that can cause pimples. Dairy and processed foods with a high glycemic index such as snacks are usually the main culprits behind skin problems. Instead, make sure to eat whole foods that will boost your health and clear your skin. 

5. Visit a dermatologist 

Sometimes, you can only do so much before asking for professional help. Some people have extreme skin problems, meaning, they need prescription treatments. If that’s the case with you, then don’t hesitate to find a reputable dermatologist who’ll be able to prescribe you the right medicine and skincare products. Also, make sure to remain patient and consistent with your routine, so you’ll be able to experience improvement. 

Final thoughts 

Skin is your largest organ, so it definitely deserves love, care, and attention. Living with oily skin can be tiresome, mainly if you’re also dealing with acne. These tips can help you start a new care regimen, that will provide you with clear, radiant, and oil-free skin. 



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