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Money Making Apps

Every single day, a smartphone user spends around 5 hours on their devices. You can convert this into valuable time and make money online through various easy ways. The best strategy is to deploy money-making apps that will help you turn your smartphone engagement into a productive venture. There are different money-making apps, ranging from those that perform simple tasks to those that guide you in your savings plan. Others are automated to create passive income. Below are some of the best social money-making apps that you can find in 2021.


This is an app that allows you to watch videos and browse the internet as you shop online. In the end, you earn some quick rewards. Swagbucks has a feature where users can participate in polls and online surveys. You can also take part in games whose rewards include cash, gift cards, and a set of merchandise. Swagbucks is a multinational app operating in many countries including Germany, Spain, the USA, and in some African countries. Interested parties can apply for an account through email or Facebook.

Survey Junkie

Social media users can take part in surveys through this app which enables them to influence brands by sharing their opinions. If you have a good profile, the app helps you to collect virtual points as you carry on with the survey. After the points accumulate, you can then convert them into cash by sending them to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you may also redeem the virtual points for e-Gift Cards. Among the key features of Survey Junkie is the link with several key-brands such as Walmart, Starbucks, and Amazon where you can get gift cards.


This is a commission-free platform that helps you invest in stocks, ETFs, and crypto trading. When you sign up and link your bank details, you are awarded a free stock which helps you get started. Robinhood is a great app if you are an amateur in the stock market. Ideally, you can venture into the Cryptocurrency markets where you can buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin among other cryptocurrencies. (modafinil online australia) Compared to real money online casinos, which also can be volatile online money-making ventures, stock markets are usually more lucrative. However, they involve high risk and as a beginner, it is important to study the markets first. There are review sites for casinos that help to reduce risks such as fraud and scams by only listing the safest casinos and providing suggestions on how to bet safely online. (Klonopin) Some of the operators on the list even have crypto casinos that you can enjoy on any device. Robinhood offers an intuitive iOS and Android app which are user-friendly to help trade and invest in real-time. Any cash redeemed from your sales is processed instantly, and there are over 7000 stocks and mutual funds that you can invest in. 


If you have a property such as a home or a condo, Airbnb gives you a platform to rent it out and earn real money. The app has an accommodation aggregator where you can list your property on the website and billions of interested parties will be able to see your offer. Airbnb is highly rated globally, so you do not need any marketing. The app does everything for you, including securing bookings and promotions. The platform also has an insurance policy, protecting your property against damages with a million-dollar compensation. With this app, you can make extra cash through additional services such as transport and catering.


In your daily purchases and transactions, you are bound to remain with a few coins. Acorns is an app that deals with micro-investments, and it helps you invest these little amounts that remain as balance. As you build your portfolio, you qualify to invest in bonds and stocks.  Begin from as low as $1 and grow your financial base. The app is secure, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. It bears two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption which offers bank-level security. Acorn also features videos and articles that have rich information on investment.


This app has its origin in America, but currently, it is available in more than 5000 cities across the US, Canada, Africa, and the UK. It entails peer-to-peer car sharing where you can rent out your automobile, including trucks and sports cars among others. Instead of leaving your car in the garage, you can list it with Turo and rent it out to make extra cash. The app has a calculator feature that computes your monthly income. Surprisingly, the average earning per month is a whopping $706. To guarantee safety, Turo has a protection policy against physical damage and theft. The contract also has liability insurance cover worth $750,000.


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