Mike Pence Gets COVID 19 Vaccine to Set an Example for Other People

Mike Pence gets COVID 19 vaccine

Vice President Mike Pence gets COVID 19 vaccine and says that it is undoubtedly a medical miracle. He also says that the vaccine is like a new hope in the battle against the pandemic. (Treerush.com) The second lady and his wife, Karen Pence, also got the vaccine, and the media covered the incident. Along with the couple was Surgeon General Jerome Adams. The entire vaccination event took place in the President’s office. The same was broadcasted LIVE on National television.

Mike Pence, the Vice President, after receiving the vaccine, reveals that both he and his wife are happy about it. Moreover, he feels that it was vital for them to step forward and receive the vaccine to set an example for others. Besides, it was a matter of safety and security, and he feels sure about both post-vaccination.

While the surgeon general and the second lady were receiving the vaccine, signs behind them read “Safe and Effective” and “Operation Warp Speed.” The latter is the name of the White House’s confederate program during the year’s initial phase. The Warp Team was responsible for developing the COVID vaccine.

The initial doses of the BioNTech and the Pfizer COVID vaccination started on Monday, December 21. The ones on the priority list to receive the vaccine are the medical and healthcare workers working on the frontline during the pandemic. The situation has claimed the lives of over 300,000 people in the USA since February-March.

Mike Pence gets COVID 19 vaccine post-FDA approval.

Pence gets COVID 19 vaccine right after getting a clearance from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration0 regarding the urgent application. The initial 50 doses went to all the different American states, including the Puerto Rico District. On Thursday, December 17, another vaccine approved by the FDA arrives for the Moderna sample. The same will also be in use for emergency vaccination soon.

After Pence gets the vaccine, he states that generally, such a critical vaccine’s development takes years. However, with the top-notch scientists in America, the same took only a few months to receive the certification panel’s approval. Therefore, considering the fight against the pandemic, the USA is undoubtedly not losing track at all.

Pence also highlighted that the vaccine’s initial doses are being applied in all the primary American states along with the Operation Warp pace. Therefore, it is nothing but a medical miracle. According to a National news poll, the estimated percentage of people receiving the vaccine by the first half of 2021 has gone up from 54 to 61.

Among the remaining percentage of the population who are unwilling to receive the vaccine have a few common reasons. It can be a lack of trust, general vaccine opposition, doubting government policies, or concern regarding side effects. That is why Pence wanted to get the vaccine first to set an example for the non-believers. It is his initiative to raise trust in people regarding the vaccination process.

Why did Pence and Biden want to go first?

Pence reveals that he planned to assure everyone in the USA regarding one thing in a public statement. It is that the government wants to cut the red tape by not touching the corners at all. According to sources, there are discussions regarding the possibility of Donald Trump receiving the vaccination. However, there is no clarity regarding the dates yet. Sources close to the authorities also report that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s vaccination is due in the Christmas week only.

Joe Biden states that his purpose is not to outshine everyone who wants to receive the vaccine. Instead, he wants to set an example and assure others that receiving the vaccine is safe and wise. Plus, he publicly may encourage more people to come out and want to join the vaccination process. Moreover, other former Presidents, including Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, are also willing to publicly step forward and receive the vaccine.

On the other hand, hospitalization figures rise in the country, showing that the infection is spreading actively. Pence states that safety and vaccine are the only two ways of keeping the infection at bay. Therefore, he is urging Americans to wear masks and practice social distancing.


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