Medical Examination Facility For The Immigrant Persons In Canada

Medical Examination Facility For The Immigrant Persons In Canada
Medical Examination Facility For The Immigrant Persons In Canada

When you suffer from any disease medical diagnosis becomes absolutely necessary for the proper treatment. The people who are immigrant also require the medical diagnosis in the same way what the other citizen of a country requires. But it is mostly seen that every country does not have an adequate medical examination facility for the immigrant.

However, in Canada, there are adequate medical treatment facilities for immigrant people. Any immigrant person can easily get an immigration medical clinic in North York and he can avail of any immigration medical examination such as urine tests, blood tests, X-rays, etc. during their visit on the same day.

Rules and regulation for a medical diagnosis for the immigrant in Canada

In Canada, there are a number of clinics for immigrants. But there are certain rules that the immigrant persons need to maintain and these are as follows:

  • The first thing that the immigrant person needs to do is to prepare the Visa application since they need to submit it to the clinic authority before the medical diagnosis is done. Once the medical examination of the immigrant is completed the clinic authority will return the Visa to the person.
  • The immigrant needs to take an appointment before they come to the clinic for the medical examination. At the time of making the appointment, they may come to know the time that the immigrant will require to get the report of the medical examination. However, for the appointment of the doctor, the immigrant needs to bring his or her identity document, the glass or contact lenses in case the immigrant use that, List of medication that the immigrant is currently taking, any medical examination reports including X-rays, parents or legal guardians’ signature in case of minors whose age is 17 years old or under that.
  • During the medical diagnosis, the doctor may find some additional health problems and in such cases, the doctor may suggest the immigrant go for some additional medical examination. In doing so the immigrant will require more time and as such the immigrant must be prepared for the situation.
  • In case the country from where the immigrant person has come does not have the panel physician then the immigrant person needs to bring 3 recent passport-sized photographs that are not older than 6 months and submit the photographs to the clinic authority. However, if the immigrant only needs to undergo an X-ray then 1 passport-sized photograph is sufficient. Apart from that, the immigrants also need to submit the copies of the required medical certificates to the clinic authority for the medical examination.

Types of medical diagnosis available for the immigrant in Canada

The types of medical diagnosis available for the immigrant depend on various factors. For example, if the immigrant is a refugee of a country or his partner or his dependent child then he will only get limited access to the medical examination. Apart from that, when the immigrant also applies for a Resident Visa under the Refugee Quota Family Reunification Category then also the immigrant will not the complete facility for medical diagnosis. These categories of immigrants can avail general medical examinations such as they can easily diagnosis for mental issues, tuberculosis, syphilis, pregnancy and chest x-ray, menstrual period issues, or any type of chronic medical condition.

Who can avail immigrant medical examination

Who can avail immigrant medical examination in Canada?

You can avail of immigrant medical examinations under certain conditions such as when the immigrant plan to stay in Canada for 6 months. Moreover, when the immigrant work on a certain field in Canada such as in the health science field, clinical laboratory, nursing and geriatric homes, etc. he or she can avail of the immigrant medical diagnosis facility. Apart from that, if the immigrant is a medical student to any medical university in Canada or is the teacher of primary or secondary schools. Agricultural workers who have come to Canada to stay for at least 6 months or more also can avail of the immigrant medical diagnosis facility. ( These categories of the immigrant will get complete information about how to go for medical examination in the immigrant medical clinic available in various parts of Canada from the Visa office. They need to visit the clinic within 30 days of instruction.


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