Maternity Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas to Make Your Clicks Fabulous


Pregnancy is the most cherished period for a couple. The announcement of a new arrival changes your profile from a couple to a family. Of course, everyone will want to document this occasion and show off the baby bump. Many women choose to schedule the photo shoot during the 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. One needs a lot of maternity photo-shoot outfit ideas and ideas.

The main motive for a maternity photo shoot is to wear a combination of clothes that reveal your lovely bump and accentuate the pregnancy. While shopping for maternity dresses, pay attention to the style and fit of the dresses. We advise you to consider some comfortable fabrics and figure-hugging clothes. On the other hand, you can also choose to wear open-front gowns. They work very well in photoshoots. Ultimately, what you wear should make you comfortable and feel beautiful.

Keep reading further for a curated selection of maternity dresses and sessions for photo shoots.

Maternity Photo Shoot Outfit

The 12 best maternity photo-shoot outfit ideas

The choices are not only endless for maternity gowns and dresses but also other aspects of maternity photoshoot outfit ideas. They come in every style and color under the sun. Besides, you have to choose from a variety of fabrics. To help you out, we have put together some great options that you can wear for your photo shoot.

1. Black and pink overlay maxi dresses

Black is a versatile color and pink is a bubbly and vibrant color. Depending on the time and the place of the photo session, you can choose the colors. Overall, the dress you choose should display beautiful bumps and curves. Lace is a preferable option to pair well with scarves and other accessories to get a perfect combination. Look for something colorful because photos turn out the best with plenty of colors in the daylight.

2. Night shoots and blue hues

A comfortable waist maternity gown is best to reveal the baby bump. If you choose for a photo shoot at night, all the hues of blue are the best. This color is versatile and fits all occasions in the maternity photo shoot outfit ideas.

3. The open belly gowns

There is nothing wrong with getting experimental during the would-be-mother phase of your life. If you are bold enough, choose an open belly gown. A hot pink strapless dress or a black lace dress with floating chiffon can add character to the photo shoot and make beautiful pictures.

Maternity Photo Shoot Outfit

4. The classic mermaid hem

A nice colorful and floral midi dress looks so pretty on a pregnant woman. Coupled with an off-shoulder style it provides a nice flair of feminine, softness to the overall look, and a comfortable fit that easily reveals the belly.

5. Short sleeves and low necklines

Whether you are choosing a solid color or pastel hues, a short-sleeved dress with a low neckline can never go wrong. They come in amazing floral prints and beautiful color combinations. They are the perfect choice for a summery daytime shoot or during the bright fall season and the best maternity photoshoot outfit ideas.

6. If you know your baby!

Many couples are more excited if they come to know if it is a girl or a boy. While both are welcome, choosing the color based on this is a good idea. You can choose hot pinks or baby blue hues with stretchy fabrics. A piece of stretchy fabric will enhance all the important curves subtly and the result is gorgeous!

7. The classic two-piece dress

When we say two-piece dresses, we mean a short blouse that reveals the stomach and a medium-length or full-length skirt. Look for some more additions like a lace border or a bow near the hip and so on. All of these nuances add great value to the overall photo shoot.

8. The wedding gown style

If you like dresses that are long and flowy, choose something similar to a wedding gown. The flowing trail behind you, coupled with a nice revealing neckline is awesome and extremely photogenic. Do not forget to wear a nice string of pearly around your neck.

Maternity Photo Shoot Outfit

9. Ideas for chilly winters

Many couples invariably end up in their homes and indoor locations for a photo shoot during winters. Maternity photoshoot outfit ideas include some great options for dressing up even in winters. If it is an outdoor shoot, wear a full-length dress and choose a material that can provide warmth. If it is an indoor shoot wear something comfortable even if it is on the skimpier side. However, choose the colors carefully and thoughtfully during an indoor photo shoot.

10. Blend in with spring

The Spring season brings in a lot of happiness and good tidings. The more colorful clothes you wear the better your photographs look. It is wise to choose the daytime for photo shoots given the bright light and flowery backgrounds in this season.

11. Sun and autumn

Among the seasonal considerations, autumn is equally colorful, while the bright orange and red can offer background schemes for photo shoots. For the best maternity photoshoot outfit ideas, look for unique colors. These include black, white, bright pinks, and purples. They offer contrast and volume to the photo.

12. Seasonal shoots and celebration

A festive season like Christmas, Easter, Carnivals and other special occasions bring in plenty of options for clothes. You can go with the flow and choose a festive theme-based dress to add to your event.


Overall, maternity days are your days. They create a life-long memory. For maternity photo-shoot outfit ideas, trust your instincts and choose something your heart tells you to do. Many photographers, friends, and family will give you lots of advice. However, this is so personal that you should take the final call as a couple and create a memory to cherish all your life.


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