Locum Tenens: A Good Choice for Older Physicians?

Locum Tenens: A Good Choice for Older Physicians?

Most older physicians are already well respected in their field, and they don’t have to do too much compared to younger medical professionals. Moreover, those with a respectable tenure are typically top of the food chain, so to speak, which means there isn’t anything left to accomplish aside from consistency.

However, many individuals feel like their skills stagnate in such a situation. Some even consider the locum tenens track, which has grown considerably in popularity over the years. That being said, why is locum tenens a good choice for older physicians?

  1. It gives control back to the professional

While tenured physicians have enough control over where they work, things tend to stagnate when you can ask everyone else to get the job done for you. It can honestly get pretty boring, which is why older physicians are often convinced to give locum tenens a try. It allows you to get back on track and take on an entirely new assignment, which is a change of pace most tenured physicians desire. However, there are times when things get too stagnant, and locum tenens offers a solution for physicians who want more control. The ability to choose where you want to work and how you want to continue your career is excellent, especially for physicians that have long endured the work hours and instability of their careers.

2. It offers a more lenient schedule

Unlike the typical career of a physician, locum tenens does not require the professional to deal with too much administrative work. For the most part, the locum tenens physician is there to fill a gap, and there’s no need to deal with administrative duties. The result is a schedule that is much more stable. You won’t constantly be on call and have to drop everything to get back to the facility. You’re required only to do your job, and everything else is up to you.

A more lenient schedule is why so many physicians (old and new) get locum tenens jobs. It’s a great way to switch things up, and the lenient schedule means you have more control over your career.

3. It gives you a chance to get back to doing what you do best

Lastly, locum tenens offers tenured physicians a chance to do once again what they do best. Based on the assignment, you’re brought where you’re needed the most, and you get to share your experience and skills. You’re needed for your skills, and you can go on assignment to remote locations that benefit the most from your years of experience. It’s a fantastic new chapter to write in your career, especially when so many consider retirement when they reach a certain number of years. If you’re not quite ready for retirement, consider locum tenens.

The best part is that locum tenens isn’t just meant for older physicians. They’re meant for every health professional who wants something different. So if you’re considering a change of pace and want to deal with stagnation, locum tenens is the answer.



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